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Garden Update ~ 5/22

It never ceases to amaze me that I can plant seeds and they just grow, or as is the case with my volunteer potato plant, I do nothing and it still grows! 🙂

Currently growing in my garden: kale, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lazy housewife beans, two varieties of potatoes {and the mystery volunteer potato – most likely Yukon Gold}, lettuce, black aztec corn, pea, carrots, egg plant, pumpkins, marigolds, herbs, red onions, yellow onions. Still waiting on the some flowers and other plants to pop up and still need to plant all of my cucumbers, sqaushes, melons, and more flowers.

It’s been hot and dry in Eastern Iowa. We did a rain dance on Sunday but it did no good. This is the weather forecast for the next few days and it looks like we will continue to water the garden to keep it going. I’m surprised my seeds are popping up – it must not be as dry as I think it is!

My to-do list for this week:

Finally weed strawberries & pull runners, transplant a few strawberries out of my old garden, weed the asparagus, mulch everything, stake my tomatoes. Plant herbs at home in my gutter garden & pots. Plant my cucurbits.

My salad gutter garden was looking good until my {helpful} husband added commercial fertilizer and killed all the lettuce. He’s been asked {kindly} to leave my garden alone unless instructed. 😉 Ahem.

And that’s my garden! How’s your garden?

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  1. Your garden is looking lovely! Nice blueberries and peas--mine are just baby plants. You have warm weather--we had a few days of warm, but it cooled off and rained all week. I'm ready for some sun, and we're supposed to get it for the weekend, so I'll be out in the garden then!
  2. LOL! I often have to instruct my dh to leave things alone in the garden. He's good for transplanting and pruning, and the heavy stuff. Not so good for weeding. Or getting rid of weeds. :( This is the 1st year we haven't had snap peas. It was so dry in March and April that almost nothing came up. Hopefully our second crop in August will do better.

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