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Garden Update ~ The Pretty & The Concerns 5/28

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garden update 5.27Our crazy weather is back! It’s been cold and rainy and judging from the forecast, it’s not going to get much better this week either with more rain in the forecast through Friday. We’ve had almost 4 inches of rain since last Friday night! The water you see in the middle of that field is not supposed to be there, but that’s what happens when we get that amount of rain in a relatively short period of time.

I have not done much gardening in the cold, wet weather. But I am watching what’s going on! I have some awesome things happening in my garden, and some concerns as well. Here they are:

flowering peasI replanted my pea seeds a few weeks ago because my first planting never sprouted. The peas I transplanted are starting to flower though! And some of the peas from my second planting are finally starting to poke through the dirt. I’m interested to see what happens with my peas. Peas thrive in cooler weather and mine would be behind if we were having normal weather. I just can’t figure out what’s going on this year, weather-wise. Maybe we’ll still get some to eat. I hope so!

red asparagus beansLast week, I planted 4 rows of beans – 1 row of red-seeded asparagus beans, and three rows of normal bush beans. Most of them have sprouted, I’m happy to report – but it looks like something is eating them already! Check out this red-seeded asparagus bean. It’s being eaten, right? Surely that’s not the result of the bad weather we’ve been having. These beans are supposed to be resistant to pests, so I’m not sure what’s going on. 🙁

flowering broccoliAnother site in my garden that doesn’t please me is this broccoli! I just planted it and it already has a loose head. I’m going to cut it off in the hopes that a real head will develop, but I’m  not holding my breath.

cabbage plantI’m pretty happy with the cabbage, though! Although, looking at this picture makes me notice some spots on the leaves. Hmmmm.

cucumbersSome of my cucumbers are up! That makes me very happy. I really want to can pickles this year. I also found zinnias, kale, nasturtiums, and more lettuce up as well. I still don’t see any carrots or spinach, though.

potato patchThis is a picture of my yellow onions, volunteer sunflowers, and potatoes. It’s all looking great! I’m very pleased with this area of my garden. I’ve been saying for several weeks now that I need to move these sunflowers. Sure hope I can get to it this week.

flowering sage plantThis is my flowering sage plant. I learned tonight that the flowers are edible! I never knew that. I’m not sure we will eat them, but they sure are pretty.

pretty flowersI love these flowers, too. I don’t know what they are, but I love how they look. We planted a lot of flowers this year in the hopes of attracting many pretty butterflies.

salvia plantThis is my salvia plant. They get really big and pretty and are supposed to be great for attracting butterflies too.

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That’s what’s happening in my garden. What’s going on in yours?

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  1. blankAngi says

    Stopping over from Backyard Farming Connection. We’ve also had a cooler than normal spring but since I live in the South we’re pretty excited about that. I think you’re cool weather plants will do fine.

    We’ve had a huge problem with pill bugs eating our plants this year. We’ve never had that before. We have a fig tree that is about 3 feet tall and we found some on the leaves! You might go out early one morning and see if it’s pill bugs eating them. Good luck.

  2. blankShelley says

    Our broccoli did the exact same thing! I’ve never had it do that before. I think the flowers are some kind of gaillardia… at least that’s what ours look like 🙂

    Visiting from Tuesday Garden Party and I love your garden!

    • blankMichelle says

      I think you’re right on the flowers! I google imaged gaillardia and they sure look like it! You’d think I’d keep the little stake or something to tell me what they heck they are! Thanks for commenting. I hope our broccolis turn out ok!

  3. blankmjskit says

    I wish I could be worried about too much rain! It does look like your garden is off to a good start in spite of the rain. It’s been years since I attempted broccoli, but my problem was always aphids. Those pesty little bugs. 🙁 Your sage is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. blankKim says

    you are soooooooooo far ahead of us I am loving reading all about your findings-good & bad! thanks for keeping us posted!!

  5. blankBecky says

    I hope the broccoli turns out ok. We have had massive heat here, so gardening has been tough. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday Greens again!

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