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Garden Update – 6/24/14

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It’s time for another gardening update. If you’re following along with me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve likely seen a lot of these pictures already! But here’s what’s going on in my garden this week.

Garden Update 624 SimplifyLiveLove

Garden Update – 6/24/14

garden update 6.24

We’ve gotten over 2 inches of rain in the last week. We’ve really had some crazy weather so far this year. After a horrendously cold winter, we couldn’t wait for spring to get here and it seemed like it never would. In fact, we had one last frost AFTER the average last day of frost for our area!! Unheard of.  And now it’s summer and it’s still not super hot. It’s terribly humid and we’ve had some seriously crazy storms, but it hasn’t gotten really hot and stayed that way yet. And I am not complaining.

In fact, all of the rain is making my garden grow like crazy! The bottom middle picture {in the upper collage} is part of my potato patch. My potatoes have gotten so big that I can hardly walk through the rows. Eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers are coming on – and I’ve been picking an absolute ton of lettuce, peas, green onions, kale, and spinach. I’ve got herbs I’ve never grown before – like dill and cilantro and my cucurbit patch looks wonderful. I’ll likely have a zucchini or two ready to pick tomorrow and I dug up a few new potatoes today and cut off a broccoli! All in all, I’m pretty darn pleased with my garden.

weeds at simplifyliveloveA few people on facebook have asked me how I maintain such a weed-free garden. I added this picture to show you that my garden definitely has its weedy spots! {By the way, do you know the difference between its and it’s? If you think that it’s is possessive, please, please please, read this.} It is my mission to rid the world of improperly used it’s. 😀

But back to the weeds. Do not fret, I have weeds. Lots of weeds. This is my little pea area. I have 2 types of carrots planted among the rows, and clearly I should be out weeding instead of typing up this blog post! Here are a couple posts I’ve written on weeding, though, if you need tips:  5 Tips for Weeding and Secrets to a Lovely Veggie Garden.


All three types of my corn are finally up! I staggered planting to hopefully keep them from cross pollinating. I’ve got sweet corn, popcorn, and a beautiful huge Indian corn. I’m very hopeful that our delightful dog, Nora the Great Pyrenees, will keep the raccoons out of my sweet corn. We’ll see! I like this picture because it very clearly shows the three types of corn – the sweet corn is the tallest in the back. Then the popcorn. Then the baby Indian corn. If the beautiful multi-colored Indian corn seeds are any indication, this corn is going to be absolutely stunning.

Garden UpdateI was happy to finally see bees yesterday. I’ve been wondering where they are. The loss of bees in the US really concerns me.

cucumber beetleBut I was seriously unhappy to find the little jerky Cucumber Beetles yesterday too. Oh these bugs are the bane of my existence. My technique for dealing with them involves lots of Diatomaceous Earth – but that also kills bees. I’m really hesitant to spread it around. I’ve been picking the beetles off but I will have to up the anty here very soon or they will destroy my lovely cucurbit area. If you have any idea what the second bug is in the picture and know if it eats cucumber beetles – I would be forever grateful if you would comment on my blog post.

barn simplifylivelove
And just in case you really aren’t following along on Instagram and Facebook {and really, why wouldn’t you be??} here’s a picture I shared all over the place of the barn we moved to our property in 2009, painstakingly restored, and are currently living in while we’re building our passive house. This might be my favorite picture of all times. I sigh with delight when I look at it and must keep looking at it to remind myself that I am truly lucky to be living this life. Because the flies are reproducing like crazy and moving into my life and it’s getting really hot in my barn kitchen – the two absolute worst things about living in this beautiful structure.

So now that I have shared about my garden, tell me. What’s growing in yours? Until next time, friends.


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  1. blankBeth @ Sawdust and Embryos says

    Michelle, that barn pic is IN…SANE. You need to enter that in a contest of some kind. Or at least make it your blog header. Also, my garden is a jungle of weeds, so I’m vicariously living through your ‘garden haul’ pics. 🙂

    • blankMichelle Marine says

      Thanks, Beth. I was just thinking about making that barn pic part of my blog header. Now to figure out how to make that happen!!! I might have to swing by and have you help me!

  2. blankHeather @ My Overflowing Cup says

    We, too, have had a lot of rain after a long, cold winter. We have only had a few warm days so far. Your garden looks great! Mine is taking its sweet time this year as my plants don’t seem to be growing very quickly, but I know it will happen fast when it does. Great pics!

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