Garden Update ~ 6/5

I had a scare last week when the farmer’s chemical company sprayed their corn field with herbicide. Luckily for me, my hubs happened to be out there and was able to talk to the tractor driver directly about my garden. He said he’d spray very carefully around our property and I hope I’m in the clear. Nothing’s looking wilty or like it’s dying yet – they sprayed Wednesday so I think my plants would look sick by now had they been sprayed. I hope that means nothing bad drifted into my garden and I hope that’s the only time they spray this summer because my garden is really starting to take shape now!

Yesterday, my awesome Dad, who was visiting us from Missouri, drove all of my steel fence posts for my tomatoes! Yay, for my Dad. That was a job I was really dreading, and wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own. The fence post driver weighed about 50 pounds… 😉 He gave me some tips for staking tomatoes with steel fence posts: Place the post on the north side of the tomato plant so it doesn’t shade the plant, and put the tines away from the plant to help hold twine. Good tips! Thanks so much, Dad!!

I’ve very happy with my potato plants! It was so windy last week that the straw mulch blew into the paths between the plants so I’ve been pulling all the mulch back to the plants. I can tell a big difference in the moisture content of the dirt under the straw and the dirt next to the straw. Mulch really does a nice job keeping the moisture content higher. What makes me most happy about my potatoes, though, is that every single potato I planted in these 5 rows came up! I’ve got three more rows that didn’t fare so well, but these five look great and I can’t wait for yummy potatoes.

If you read my update last week, you might remember me asking what these plants are. Several people thought they might be carrots – but they aren’t. They are very thickly planted radishes! Yes, it’s true! I’ve never grown radishes before, but not only is my Dad a great fence post driver, he’s also quite familiar with radishes. That’s what they are. Mystery solved.

So far this gardening season, we’ve eaten kale, lettuce, peas, onions, and a handful of strawberries from my garden. I can’t wait for more! We’ve got a pint or so of blueberries that are close, a few raspberries and blackberries coming, as well as a ton of on the verge wild mulberries and black-raspberries. Other than that, I’ll be waiting for a while for the rest of my veggies to hurry up and grow while we continue eating kale, lettuce, peas, and onions.

What are you eating from your garden??

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  1. Gorgeous garden! I'll bet the spraying freaked you out. I would have marched over with my pitchfork and I'm not even the gardener at our house. Well I'm the flower gardener and husband takes on the veg. Your garden is so tidy. Great job. Jo @ Let's Face the Music
  2. I feel your fear with the spray! I'm so glad you were home and able to protect your plants! SO jealous of your thick lettuce and those luscious peas! We don't have a graduation next year - so I'm hoping to get in a few more early things!
  3. I bet your husband used his whole vocabulary when he saw the chem company arrive. I cringe whenever the neighbours break out the lawn spray. A few years ago, drift from 2,4,D in a neighbour's yard killed off several hundred bucks worth of tulips. We have a decent buffer zone between their turf and our garden, but know how far that travels in the breeze. It is also highly toxic (Agent Orange, anyone?) so I don't let the kids play outside until after a rain following their vanity grass treatments.
  4. So glad your plants came through the potential problem unscathed. We lived in a rural area at one time, and crop duster planes would sometimes fly over the nearby corn field releasing who knows what--not something I remember fondly. However, look at all the wonderful produce you are already eating, and yay for your dad--those are really good tips! We are eating all kinds of lettuce and salad greens right now from the garden. I need to get out and rehill the potatoes again--up to the 3rd time already, and the peas are growing really fast in our recently damp and cool weather we've been having.
  5. I love your peas! And I look forward to seeing how your potatoes come along - we keep thinking about putting them in. Maybe next year... ;-)

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