Garden Update ~ May 29

I’ve been watching the clouds roll in all week. Every day I hope for rain, and it has been alluding me without fail. So this afternoon when I looked out my window and saw dark clouds rolling in, I didn’t even really consider that it might actually rain. I headed out to my garden, and what do you know? I got SOAKED! Yay!! I’m not sure how much it rained – it didn’t last that long, but at least I got a reprieve from watering my garden for one day.

I got a few things accomplished last week. I finally hooked up the hoses to the spigot to facilitate watering {I had been lugging buckets} – that might be another reason it finally rained…

I mulched my garden with straw {Not hay, mind you. I was corrected several times for calling it hay…..}. Planted cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash – thanks Kristy for the seeds!

Found my tomato stakes and got the stake pounder thingie out to the garden. Now I need to pound them all in. I was hoping to start that tonight but didn’t feel like working in the pouring rain.

Picked my first mess of peas {well, my daughter picked ’em}. Sadly, they were all eaten before we got home. Guess I’ll have to pick them next time. They sure were good. I hope the rain did them good. They’re looking really dry, as is the whole entire garden.

Decided which head of kale {Do you call kale heads like lettuce?} to pick first. Doesn’t that look good? I can’t wait to make a Tuscan Kale Salad.

Watered my fruit trees and weeded around their trunks. I was sad to see that my almond tree did not make it. It never leafed out and the branches are brittle. The rest of my trees look great though.

Planted a few irises that a friend gave me because hers needed to be split. I hope they make it. Irises are some of my most favorite flower.

Finally, I found a mystery plant in my garden. My son took my seeds and planted lettuce and carrots, he says. Well, lettuce is right – I can tell that. But this stuff doesn’t quite look like a weed to me, but it doesn’t really look like carrots to me either. Does anyone know what this is? Is it carrots in weeds? If so, I’ll pull the weeds, but it kind of looks like beets to me. I just don’t want to pull them if they’re useful!

How’s your garden growing this week? I can’t wait to start eating more from my garden. My potatoes are looking great, and my tomatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are hanging in there. YUM! Can’t wait.

I have a really busy week this week so I’m not sure how much work I’ll be able to get done at my garden. But I hope to finally get my tomatoes staked, and I need to pick more peas and kale. My strawberries could really use water and attention. And the usual weeding…and a few more things left to plant. The gardener’s work is never finished, is it?

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  1. Well, the feathery stuff coming out from between the unidentified plants is carrots. The Unidentified plant doesn't look quite like beets, but does look like it could be some kind of green. I suspect it is a weed, but if it were in my garden I would probably taste some (cautiously) and decide from there. If it is very bitter and astringent (or has milky sap when you break a leaf) then it is almost certainly a weed. If it tastes like a familiar green, then you know what it is. Conversely, you could just pull it and make some room for the carrots and lettuce.
  2. The frilly leaves are definitely not beet greens--beets have round and smooth leaves. Your kale and peas look wonderful, and I have been looking for kale recipes, so will check this one out--thank you for sharing it!
  3. Your garden is looking really nice. You are so far ahead of us in the Pacific Northwest. However, things are sure looking dry in your part of the world and it's only late May. Here's hoping some more long, deep soaking rains are headed your way! Thanks for sharing.
  4. loved reading your post! glad you got your rain, it rains here every week! i know what you mean about calling the straw hay! i do it all the time! your mystery plant? spinach? i see carrot, a bit a lettuce, a type of bindweed and maybe spinach? debbie
    • The feathery looking things that I thought might be carrots are flowering and don't look much like carrots anymore... Hmmmm. And the spinach looking stuff is somewhat bitter and looks maybe radishy? I have no idea! ;-)
  5. Your garden looks great! So happy that you got rain too! I can't wait to hear whether it was a weed or not. I see carrots in there, so I think you have a mix of things.

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