Garden Update ~ Ready for Winter! ~11/7/2012

Happy post election day! I am so glad the madness is over, the political poison ads will stop, and we can get on with life!

And thanks also for holding me so accountable that, with the help of my husband, we actually got my garden cleaned up and ready for winter! Check it out:


I know. Horrible, huh?

And after:

We worked until dusk on Saturday, taking out all the old plants, freeing my stakes and tomato baskets from dead tomatoes, and tilling in compost and manure. The garden looks so much better now!

All that’s left in my garden are two brussel sprout plants. I haven’t harvested anything from them yet, but I’m hopeful I’ll still get a crop. We’ll see!

On Sunday I planted 50 daffodil and 45 tulip bulbs that I got on clearance at the garden center last week. I can’t wait til spring to see those beauties! I also planted 25 garlic cloves – the first time I’ve ever tried my hand at garlic. YUMMY!

And we saw a raccoon climb down into that hole in a hollowed out tree on our property. I wish my camera had been ready!

And check out another great Goodwill find! Four bushel baskets with two lids for $3.38. Can’t wait to put them in my garden shack!

Rub a dub dub!

Many THANKS to my wonderful garden helpers!!

We also mulched and weeded my fruit trees. Now all I have left is to week and mulch my berry and asparagus patches, and I’m ready for winter.

How’s your garden coming along?

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  1. Love the pic of the kids in the baskets! My "plan" is to build a small garden in the back yard of the house we just bought. I'm envisioning a small raises bed with some tomatoes, some eggplant, and lettuce. Starting small.

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