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Garden Update!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my garden, so I thought I’d update. Here are my favorite pictures from today.

At our barn:

My {real} garden – June 26, 2011
I {hope} that’s a ladybug!

1 of 4 zucchini plants – the one in the worst shape from cucumber beetles.

Cucumber beetles are also eating my cucumbers (shown here) and my melons and pumpkins.

Some nasty bug and eggs? On a pumpkin leaf…squashed now!
Potatoes are flowering!

Peas are flowering!
Cucumber trellis we built today – sure hope I can get the cucumber beetles before they destroy my crop. It will be fun to watch trellis fill in, but it’s probably over kill…

Fence we are in the process of building for the grapes.

At home:

My patio garden.

It’s a race to see which tomato will ripen first! The traditional grape…

Or the heirloom black cherry {no idea why this picture isn’t oriented correctly or how to fix it…}
Carrots are coming along nicely.
Grape vines are loaded!! Jelly…juice…yum!

My kids’ finds:

A Monarch Butterfly caterpillar! {We were going to keep it and watch it go through metamorphosis…but it got away!}

Two very scary looking caterpillars that we still have. {Ben says they spit at him?} Anyone know what they are?

So, if you are bug savvy, please identify the bugs in my pictures! Also, give me hints on what to do about striped cucumber beetles because I really, really, really want to save my cucurbit crop. 🙂


  1. Nice looking garden! Post about the neem soap you try that Amie mentioned, I want to know if it works!

    Those black caterpillars might be Mourning Cloaks.
  2. Mourning Cloaks - that's them! Thanks!! And they, too, have gotten away. Darn. Kids will have to go on another hunt.
  3. by the way, some caterpillars do indeed "spit" or rather they may emit a spurt of liquid or mist that has an odor that repells predators. Your kids wouldn't have smelled it but a bird would have. :)

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