Garden Woes

This morning I went to my garden fully prepared to plant new seeds for a fall crop. I’m really pushing the deadline for getting things in before frost, but I wanted to try.

What I saw at my garden disillusioned me so much that I left without planting a seed. I knew I was in trouble when I was greeted by what looked like cucumber beetles on steroids when I opened my car door. OH. MY. WORD. Here are pictures of some of my problems.

Something’s eating my potato foliage. I don’t know if I should be concerned since they are dying anyway.

My tomatoes have blossom-end rot.

Cabbage worms are destroying my brussel sprouts.

Not only have the cucumber beetles morphed into beyond nasty creatures (see that thing that looks like a bee? I’m pretty sure it’s a cucumber beetle. It has the tell-tale stripes – or am I wrong there and it’s really a bee?), but now I have thousands of little squash bugs running around.

Cucumber beetles or squash bugs are eating any zucchini, cucumber, melon, and/or pumpkin that dares try to fight for life.

Some things I can deal with. I can pick off cabbage worms. I can deal with the tomatoes. But the cucumber beetles have thrown me for a loop. I really messed up this year when I planted my garden. I spread my cucurbits around the perimeter in the hopes that they would grow up and out of my garden. Now I have these blasted bugs everywhere. I’ve found them in my tomatoes, in my beans, and in my cabbages. Nothing is producing well and most of my cucumbers have already succumbed to bacterial wilt.

So here’s my question. Do I rip out all of my cucurbits and burn them? All they are doing is aiding and abetting known criminals! I hate to pull out my beautiful pumpkin plants, but they aren’t going to produce anything anyway. Would it be best to remove their food source in the hopes that will kill the bugs?

Do any of you knowledgeable gardeners have advice for me? I’m begging for advice!!

Thank you so much! In the meantime, I have research to do.

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