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Green Laundry Tips for Busy Families {and Giveaway!}

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You don’t have to hang your clothes out on the line to green your laundry routine. If you’re a busy mom like me who wants to lessen your family’s exposure to chemicals and leave a lighter impact on the earth, but doesn’t have time to use a clothes line, these green laundry tips are for you.Green Laundry Tips for Busy Families - you don't have to use a clothes line to be green.

*This post, and the giveaway at the end, is sponsored by Grab Green. All opinions are mine. Use code Earth25  for 25% off all products purchased at GrabGreen – through May 31, 2017.

Green Laundry Tips for Busy Families

Oh laundry. You are the bane of my existence. Sometimes I think it would be easier to buy all new clothes than do the laundry, but alas, that is just not practical {or green} is it? While these tips won’t ensure that your laundry is finished and put away, they will help you reduce your family’s exposure to harsh chemicals and they might just save your some money in the process too.

Wash your Clothes in Cold Water

I’ve found cold water washes most of my laundry just fine. Occasionally I’ll have a dirtier load that needs hot water, but usually cold water is sufficient to keep our clothes clean. Approximately 90% of the energy used to wash clothes goes to heating the water, so if you can switch to cold water for even half your loads, you’ll save a significant amount of energy!

Use Natural Laundry Detergent

Use a natural laundry detergent and stain fighter. Synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, optical brighteners and more that are often found in commercial laundry detergents can all cause skin irritation and headaches. Instead of using a chemical nightmare, you can make your own laundry soap following my homemade laundry soap recipe here, or look for trusted brands like Grab Green which sell detergents made from naturally derived ingredients using non-toxic materials that are free of phosphates, chlorine, and artificial dyes. I probably don’t need to tell you that ALL NATURAL means nothing, so make sure that you read product ingredients to make sure you’re using good products. Grab Green rocks, by the way! I really like their laundry pods.

Forget the Bleach

Instead of using bleach, which is quite hard on the the environment, whiten your laundry with lemon juice instead. You can also harness the natural bleaching power of the sun if you hang laundry outside – but really, you don’t have to hang your laundry to green your routine. You can be like me, and switch to black instead of white. Black socks never look dirty and don’t need to be bleached. For real. I quit buying white socks years ago and haven’t looked back. 😉

Use Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are a toxic waste of money. They are just full of bad chemicals and I don’t want them in my house. Instead, wool dryer balls  are a great alternative. They soften clothes and help them dry quicker too. Unfortunately, I can’t use wool dryer balls right now because I have these amazing all in one LG washer/dryer combo units, and dryer balls are only supposed to be used in the dryer. But I have used dryer balls quite happily in the past and highly recommend them. They really do reduce drying time and work as natural fabric softeners without polluting your indoor air quality.

Clean out the Lint Filter

Keeping your lint filter clean reduces the amount of energy it takes to dry your clothes. If your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard to dry your clothes, it uses less energy. Simple concept right? Clean your lint filter before or after every load to save money and energy!

And now, I’m excited to offer a Grab Green giveaway for products to green your laundry and also your kitchen! I first connect with Grab Green several years ago and an Eco-Wellness Conference called ShiftCon. I’ve been using their products quite happily since then.

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Michelle Marine is green living enthusiast and rural Iowa mom of four. An avid traveler, Michelle has lived on three different continents and has driven all four kids across the entire USA (by herself!). She loves sharing farm-to-table recipes, their family travel adventures, and gardening and homesteading tips on her popular lifestyle blog, SimplifyLiveLove.com.


  1. blankAnne Lehnick says

    Use cloths instead of paper products for clean up. I have a drawer full of flannel and microfiber cleaning cloths to use to clean the kitchen counters, dining table, stove, bathrooms, etc. We use them, then throw them in the wash instead of using a ton of paper towels. With kids in the house, this is really important because they tend to use too many paper towels for a small job. It also starts down the path to teaching them the importance of doing the right thing for the environment.

  2. blankMelissa Storms says

    My number one laundry tip is to always treat a stain right away. I think everyone knows that but it does work.

  3. blankDeb E says

    I bought a fine washables bag, like the Scrubba bag, only for delicates (called Allurette), so I can wash my undergarments and lightweight tanks anywhere. I don’t trust them in the apartment complex washer and this saves money and you don’t have to get your hands all soapy–just wash then rinse, all inside the bag and then hang them dry. You can travel with it too. It’s my new mini washing machine, lol. I’d use natural detergent like from Grab Green, inside the bag too.

  4. blankMaryann D. says

    I always buy natural products or try to make my own. I do put some essential oil drops in my washer to help clean and it also makes the laundry smell nice.

  5. blankAbigail says

    It doesnt get much more green or simple than hanging clothes out to dry when you can! Dryer balls are a nice alternative to dryer sheets too

  6. blankMelissa says

    I like to use vinegar for cleaning, since it’s much safer (and cheaper) than commercial cleaning products.

  7. blankLula Ruger says

    We wash in cold water and use a spray bottle of vinegar water for cleaning things like windows

  8. blankBarbara S. says

    I use white vinegar sometime for a rinse in the washer. I know that I have to be cautious with a HE washer!

  9. blanksheila ressel says

    I love using the wool dryer balls instead of fabric sheets. I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to them so clothes smell fresh.

  10. blankMarilyn Nawara says

    Using wool dryer balls drys loads faster, saving electricity. Add a few drops of essential oil to make clothes smell fresh

  11. blankMarian says

    My laundry tip would be to treat stains immediately and my green laundry tip is to use wool dryer balls.

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