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Yummy Green Smoothies Your Kids Will Love {Freezer Friendly!}


Simplify your back to school breakfast routine with these kid friendly green smoothies for the freezer! Having a quick breakfast to grab and go {that is healthy and kids actually LIKE} is key to a smooth school morning. And the best part about this recipe, your kids will love helping you prep and make it!Green Smoothies your kids will love

Kid Friendly Green Smoothies for the Freezer

Did you know it’s possible to freeze smoothie packets to simplify the smoothie making process? It sure is! When I learned this little tidbit of information, it rocked my world! Okay, maybe it didn’t rock my whole world, but it has simplified the back to school breakfast making fiasco! smoothies your kids will love

I have found that smoothies are a great way to get my kiddos to eat fruit and veg they might not otherwise eat. This summer, we ate a lot of smoothies, smoothie bowls, and nice cream. While they don’t take a lot of time to make fresh, I can save 5-10 minutes in the morning with frozen smoothie packets ready to go. Not having to chop and prep {not to mention the clean up} the smoothies is huge.

ingredients for kid friendly green smoothies for the freezer

How to freeze smoothie ingredients in glass jars

Enter the prep ahead smoothie! This really is a genius idea, guys. Grab some quart sized glass jars with secure lids, prep your fruits and veg, add them to the jar, and freeze. Smoothie packets are also a great way to reduce food waste. Got a bag of spinach or some berries on the verge of going bad? Make this smoothie recipe! It’s so simple. On the day you want to make the smoothie, pull the jar out of the freezer, dump it in your blender, add whatever ingredients you need to add, and blend until smooth. YUM!Green smoothies for the freezer to simplify back to school

One of my kids’ favorite green smoothies is really easy and has a surprising ingredient: Cheerios! Yes, Cheerios. I can hear you now. Why on earth would you add Cheerios to a smoothie. I’m so glad you asked! 😉 They’re made with 100% whole grain oats which are rich in fiber and protein to help fill the kids up}. Plus, the Yellow Box Cheerios which I prefer to use has only 1 gram of sugar per serving and zero GMOs. It’s a nice way to add a little bit of sweetness without actually adding that much sugar. And my kids just like Cheerios. They are so thrilled to add them to their favorite green smoothie recipe and snack on them when they help me prep their morning smoothies. Which they totally do, because: Cheerios.

freezing smoothies in glass jars

Are you ready to make this easy recipe and fill your freezer? Here’s how. There are just a few caveats as you get going.

  • Do freeze the fruits and veg and blend them frozen.
  • Make sure you slice the banana before you freeze it because a whole frozen banana just won’t blend well.
  • It’s fine to freeze the Cheerios, in our opinion.
  • But do NOT freeze the yogurt. Studies have shown that freezing yogurt can kill some of the wonderfully healthy probiotics. So it’s best to add the yogurt the day you make the smoothies.
  • If you take the jar out of the freezer 15 minutes before you want to blend it, it will make it easier to get the ingredients out of the jar. 🙂Green smoothies for the freezer to simplify back to school

Yield: 1 large serving

Kid Friendly Green Smoothies for the Freezer

smoothies your kids will love
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 cup berries {blueberries, raspberries are our favorite}
  • 1/2 cup Yellow Box Cheerios
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1 cup spinach
  • *1/2 cup whole milk yogurt


  1. To make the smoothie, simply combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. To make the smoothie freezer packets, combine all ingredients EXCEPT the yogurt and freeze. When you want to blend the smoothie, add the yogurt and all frozen ingredients and blend until smooth.
  3. Enjoy!

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Many thanks to Cheerios for sponsoring this recipe for kid friendly green smoothies for the freezer! For more quick breakfast, snack, and lunch ideas, head on over to their website!

Yummy green smoothies your kids will love. Plus tips for how to freeze smoothies in glass jars.


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