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Grilled Cheese with Pesto & Tomato

Grilled Cheese with Pesto & Tomato is a delicious and quick lunch. Made with either homemade or store bought pesto and fresh tomatoes from your garden, you’ll love this sandwich!ingredients for Grilled Cheese with Pesto & Tomato

Today I was a short order cook for lunch! (Some kids wanted plain grilled cheese. Some wanted grilled cheese (sharp cheddar makes a DELISH grilled cheese!) with tomatoes. And the adults wanted the sandwich loaded. And what a lunch!! Grilled cheese on homemade bread with homemade pesto and tomatoes from my garden! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Grilled Cheese with Pesto & Tomato

It’s super easy to make this – and a great way to use up left over pesto!! Butter one side of your bread and slather pesto on the other. Layer sliced tomatoes and cheese.

add tomato

Arrange everything just so…

cook the Grilled Cheese with Pesto & Tomato in cast iron

Cook in a cast-iron skillet! Yum, yum. 🙂

cook the Grilled Cheese with Pesto & Tomato in cast iron

Do you like grilled cheese sandwiches? What’s your favorite twist on an old stand-by?



  1. I love grilled cheese. You can also sprinkle grated cheese on the outside and give it two more flips to make a cheesey outside too. Or make it like a panini and make it in a grill pan with a ribbed bottom after you flip the first time put something heavy on top to squish it. I also like to add tuna. Grilled peanut butter is really good too.
    • I never thought of grilled peanut butter! :-) I like the idea of cheese on the outside of the sandwiches. Might have to try that next time! Thanks for your comments.
  2. hello michelle, mmmmh your grilled cheese sandwiches looks good!! I like grilled sandwiches,too. thanks for the e-mail!!! have a wonderful weekend, love regina

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