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Happy Father’s Day!

It’s a little hard to see, but the kids created this on our drive-way this morning! (THANKS, Sara, for the GREAT idea!)
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, but especially to the two most important men in my life!
First, Happy Father’s Day to my own Dad!
Thank-you, Dad for:
  • Moving me to a foreign country at a young age and teaching me the importance of having an open mind and appreciating differences.
  • Not freaking out when I let Amy crash your truck and for helping me through high school physics…
  • Showing me the value of money and how to live within my means.
  • Teaching me to be respectful of the environment and inspiring me to go the extra mile to do what I can to conserve.
  • Modeling a successful marriage for 39 years! (Well, technically I’ve not been around that whole time, but you get my drift…)
  • Encouraging a love of gardening and producing my own food, and helping me (virtually) squash my first Tomato Worm!! 🙂
  • Putting your own life on hold, not once, but THREE times to help us with our remolding projects!!


And Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Husband!

Thank-you, Dan for:
  • FOUR beautiful children!
  • Helping research all the tough decisions related to child bearing and rearing and being open and supportive of thinking outside the box. 
  • Changing countless diapers, cloth diapers no less!
  • Moving us back to your home town to raise farm kids.
  • Non-stop piggy back rides, bike riding school, working with the kids in the shop, and helping with their sports teams.
  • Being a loving, kind, and supportive father {almost} every day!!! 🙂


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