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2 Week Clean Mouth Challenge #HappyHealthySmiles

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CB-sponsored-post-white-400colgate total advancedChances are, if you are a parent, you might just put the well being of your children ahead of your own. Am I right? I know that I sometimes spend so much time on the health and well being of my four children that I forget about myself. It’s a slippery slope. To take good care of my kids, I also need to be in tip-top shape myself. Clean teeth and a clean mouth are sometimes things that are easy to neglect. I have a pretty good track record of keeping my teeth brushed, but flossing and rinsing just don’t get the attention they deserve. As much as I hate to admit it, all too often I don’t take the extra two minutes to floss and rinse. Sad but true.

2 Week Clean Mouth Challenge #HappyHealthySmiles

But really, two minutes? It shouldn’t be too hard to find an extra two minutes to keep my mouth clean and healthy. That’s why, my husband and I have decided to undertake a TWO WEEK CHALLENGE – two weeks to brush {for the recommended two minutes}, floss, and rinse. Every. Single. Day. Two weeks to make our mouths happy and healthy! Two weeks to start to develop good habits again! 😉

colgate total advanced toothbrushI headed to Walgreens to gather supplies. I have been using Colgate Total Advanced products for several years now and am quite happy with them. I’ve never seen toothbrushes quite like this and am excited to put them to good use over the next two weeks.

colgate total advancedI picked up a Bacteria Removal Action Toothbrush and a Floss Tip Bristles Toothbrush! I’m curious to see how they work because they look pretty cool.  Both toothbrushes look great for cleaning teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums, all often overlooked areas of mouths.

colgate total advanced dental careUsing my Balance Rewards card, I was able to get my supplies for 2 for $4 after Register Rewards! I like that! I haven’t had register rewards to play with in a while so it will be fun to see what I roll them into. You can see more pictures from my shopping trip at my Google+ album.

Did you know that oral care is imperative to the overall health of our bodies? Bleeding gums, sores on the inside of your cheeks, receding gum lines, sensitive teeth: all of these things can indicate bigger problems with our overall health. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes, twice a day. They recommend flossing once per day. And they recommend seeing a dentist twice a year. My next dental appointment is tomorrow! I have been pretty unlucky in my 39 {gulp} years. Although, I never had braces, I’ve had lots of cavities and a root canal already. It’s not fun! You think those experiences would be all I need to get my life in order and make sure I take the necessary time for my teeth.

2 week healthy mouth challeI’m excited to start our Two Week #HappyHealthySmiles Challenge! I hope you will join us! I’ll be posting before and after pictures between now and June 10th on my Instagram account! Pop over to instagram and join in or follow along!

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What’s your biggest obstacle to a happy, healthy smile? Will you join us on our challenge? Please comment and let me know!

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  1. blankJohnny says

    I could use a challenge like this. My dentist is always telling me that I need to floss but, for some reason I never do. I need to link the two habits of brushing my teeth and flossing. That would help. This was fun to read. Thanks for sharing.

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