Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood certainly is a wild ride for me ~ and I know I’m not the only one. Wine is cheaper than anti-depressants and therapy, so: CHEERS!! 😉

I’m enjoying a delicious glass of Mad Housewife Merlot my thoughtful husband was kind enough to give me today. Okay, maybe I’ll have two glasses…

I hope you had a delightful Mother’s Day!

From one crazy mom to the next ~ HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!


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  1. Wow I haven't had Mad Housewife in a long time!! I used to love that wine... Hmmm. Maybe I'll go get some and enjoy a glass, or 3, after I ditch these kids at bedtime! There should be a rule that a mother is allowed a glass of wine for every kid she has at the end of the night... Without judgment!

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