Hip Dysplasia Awareness Week 2012

It’s Baby Hip Health Awareness Week. According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, one out of every 20 babies is born with some form of hip instability and 2-3 of every 1000 babies will require some form of treatment – it’s one of the most common birth defects in babies, yet still rare.

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  1. Thanks for this info! My 8 week old Oliver is scheduled for surgery April 24th to fix his bilateral hip dysplasia. It was definitely a surprise for us as he is our 3rd baby, was not breech, is a boy (obviously!) and I had an uneventful, non-medicated delivery.
  2. Thanks foor the heads up! My daughter has a little hip tightness on 1 side & the Dr. recommended some exercises for it. I often firget to do them, but now that I know it can be a serius issue, I'll definitely be more diligent.
    • If your daughter has restricted hip movement on one side, it might be wise to ask specific questions about DDH - and maybe ask for an ultrasound or an xray (depending on her age) to rule out problems! Good luck!

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