Homemade 5 Grain Bread ~ 5 loaves in under 90 minutes

I just posted my newest bread recipe for a wonderful Homemade 5 Grain Bread on the Grain Mill Wagon blog! Here’s a snippet:

I’ve been baking 90% of the bread we eat since 2004 and rarely are any two batches of my bread 100% alike. I start with the same basic recipe but then add and subtract ingredients based on what I have in my pantry and what sounds good at any given moment. This week, I whipped up 5 loaves of 5 Grain Bread in my Bosch in under 90 minutes ~ from start to finish, clean up included.

To check out the recipe, head over to the Grain Mill Wagon! You can also see recipes here for other breads I’ve created, including a delish 9 Grain Bread, Whole Wheat ~ Sunflower ~ Flax Bread, and my basic 100% Whole Wheat bread – my base recipe that I add to and subtract from to make all of my bread.

I hope you’ll check out my recipe. Quite frankly, it’s the best bread {next to the 9 grain bread} that I’ve made in a while!

Do you have a favorite type of bread? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Oh I can't wait to get back into the kitchen so I can start making bread!!! I LOVE a multi-grain bread but it's been decades since I've made one! Thank you so much so the links! What a gorgeous loaf of bread!

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