Homemade Gourd Bird Feeder DIY – blog post at #MomItForward

Happy Fall, Friends! The crops are coming out of the fields and my garden out here in Eastern Iowa and we’re getting ready for winter. One thing we love to do during the winter is feed the birds. I grew some crazy gourds in my garden this year, and my son designed a bird feeder out of one! He makes a mean┬áhomemade gourd bird feeder.



DIY Homemade Gourd Bird Feeder

Check out my post over at MomItForward with a DIY tutorial you can follow to make your own Homemade Gourd Bird Feeder!

Have you ever made a bird feeder out of a gourd? What did you think?


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  1. :o Gourd bird feeder! I heard about different kinds of feeder but could not be heard gourd bird feeder. It's really amazing in the photos. And your child really outstanding. Such a great idea I have never seen before. I'm praying for your child. Thanks for sharing.

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