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Homeschool First Day and Public School First Day ~ the difference…

If you follow me on facebook or have been reading my blog recently, it should be no secret that my 8 year old is heading off to public school tomorrow for the first time. It’s bittersweet for me. I wish we could have kept her home a couple more years, but she’s really been fighting me over most everything and I need her to decide if she has it as bad as she thinks she does, or if maybe life at home isn’t quite so bad. And that’s the truth. Part of me hopes she hates public school and wants to come home. And part of me hopes she loves it and wants to stay there. I am at peace with the decision though. I know that whatever ends up happening, it will be good for her.

So, the 8 year old starts school tomorrow. And the official first day for our homeschool group was Monday because the program is attached to a different school district and their first day was also Monday.We’ll slowly be easing back into homeschooling over the next couple of weeks. I’ll have a first grader and a kindergartener. I’ve officially promoted the 4 year old. She’s ready and might just beat her brother at reading… 😉

Here are some pictures to show the stark difference between the two modes of education. They really couldn’t be any different.

Back to School Picnic at Saulsbury Recreation Area:

The world is my oyster. Ben on his “first day” of homeschooling. With his family close by.

And Sara, waiting for her first ever canoe ride.

Self portrait of two people waiting for a canoe…

Canoeing buddies…different ages, different stages. Enjoying the water in the canoe!

Not liking the canoe. Sadly, it was a short trip.

Back to School picnic is contrasted with heading to public school for orientation, also on Monday.

Super awesome third grader so excited to check out her classroom. Loaded down with a huge backpack full of supplies.

We watched a power-point slide about the teacher, met the teacher, picked out a desk, and Anna unloaded her copious school supplies (all 40 pencils nicely sharpened, thank you Kristy), and checked out her locker. And she’s totally thrilled. To go off alone. Away from her family.


  1. Yes, a world of difference! Interesting to see! M probably had more tests, rules and junk food rewards this week than in several months of homeschooling, and L & C put together a bearded dragon habitat and picked out Lego battery packs for science building. But so far they're all happy so I guess that's what matters - it's working out the way it's supposed to!

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