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Homestead Update & Keeping Warm with Duluth Trading Co. Flannel #spon

Duluth Trading Company Flannel Homestead Update
It started snowing today out here in Eastern Iowa. With a high of only 36 degrees today, I was thankful for the wonderfully cozy Flapjack Flannel Shirt Jac that Duluth Trading Company sent me several weeks ago when the weather was still in the 80s. I knew this cold weather was coming, but it still hit me hard – it does every year. Luckily, the flannel from Duluth Trading Company is going to keep me nice and warm. I hate being cold.

Here’s what it looks like around our little homestead right now in late October.

garden haul 10/19

On Saturday, I went out to my garden to see what I could harvest for my final harvest of the year. We were supposed to get frost Saturday night and I like to try to gather up anything that’s worth saving before it frosts. I was surprised by what I found – enough green beans for a final meal, a nice bit of broccoli, a whole ton of banana peppers, some onions, a bit of okra, green peppers, zinnias, and a bunch of tomatoes. I picked anything that looked like it might turn red. These last tomatoes don’t taste as good when they redden in the house, but they’re not much worse than what you buy in the store, plus they’re free, so I grabbed  ’em! I haven’t decided what to do with the banana peppers. Need to make up my mind and take action or they will spoil.

not impressed with cold weather

Today, I had to send my kids to school in coats, boots and hats. My kiddos weren’t that impressed. Lol!

big red barn After they went to school, it started snowing. I’m sure they had a blast at recess. Hopefully, they were warm enough. I still haven’t uncovered my main stash of winter gear from somewhere in the barn… Hmmm.

After I finished up school and lunch with Ben this morning, I put on my cozy flannel from Duluth Trading Company and mucked around in the mud for a while.
garden update 10/21This is my garden today! I managed to get all of the posts and fencing out with the help of my hubs, but I still have a lot to do before it’s ready for really cold weather. Once it dries out a bit, I will mow it down and then I need to till in some manure and compost so it’s good to go in the spring. I also have a few fall things to plant before the ground freezes – garlic, more flower bulbs, some berry bushes, strawberries, and we’re moving a few of my already planted bushes too. They’re just in a bad spot and need a new home. 🙂 All of this needs to happen in the next few weeks, of course.

snowy zinniasHere are some of the plants that are left in my garden – snowy zinnias.

snowy marigoldsSnowy marigolds…

onionsOnions? How did I miss them!?


tomaotesTomatoes. I finally have had enough tomatoes. I doesn’t hurt my feelings to see more red ones that probably should have been picked. I will be sad to see all of these colors disappear but I’m always excited to get ready for spring too – it will be here before I know it. I still can’t believe it snowed already, though!! October 22 is just really early. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we are in for a long, cold winter. Maybe they’re right?

passive houseAnd finally, the south side of our passive house and garage, as it looks today. Work has come to a standstill pretty much. We are waiting on windows, roof, and stone siding and our carpenters had to go back to paying work. Windows won’t be here until December as they are built to order and coming from Germany. The roof has been ordered and should be here soon. And the limestone for the exterior is slowly showing up on our property. Our mason is excited to get to work laying up the stone. I’m excited to see how it will all come together. That massive hole in the house will be a HUGE window! And, the garage and house will be connected by a glass breezeway. It will be pretty awesome, I think!

Flapjack Flannel Jac from Duluth Trading Co

Many thanks to Duluth Trading Company for sending out their awesome flapjack flannel shirt jac. It’s warm enough to use as a jacket, big enough to wear over a sweatshirt, yet nice enough to wear to town, too. I love the soft fuzzy cotton flannel outside, the adjustable side tabs, and underarm gussets. I chose a black and white shirt, but they also have really pretty colors. I have been very impressed with Duluth Trading Company. They sent me gear for my summer garden, too, and I have nothing but good things to say about the fit, comfort, and wear of everything they sent. You won’t be disappointed by Duluth Trading Company!

Thank you for connecting with Duluth Trading Company! Head on over to facebook, pinterest, and twitter to keep up with what’s going on at their great company!

That’s what’s going on around our garden and homestead. Are you still growing anything in your garden?


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