How to Felt Wool

I used to be a cool crafter. Before I had kids I did all kinds of neat things: quilting (well ok, I only actually finished one quilt -and I GAVE it away so I have nothing to show for it except a bunch of unfinished projects…), knitting (okay, I only ever finished one scarf…), sewing (Umm. You got me. Never really finished much of that either), mat cutting for frames – HEY! I actually finished that one and my handy work is hanging all over my house!

But kids, homeschooling, cooking from scratch, and life, and blogging have meant the end of my crafting. Actually, I think it must be me. I must suffer from adult ADD – apparently, I start a lot of projects but don’t finish them. Hmmm. I’m not quite as cool as I like to think. 😉 But my husband is super cool! He made my dining room table (the one that’s currently covered with my lap top, the sewing machine, homeschooling books, and laundry), the clock I’m staring at right now, the frames I put my mats in, the lamp in my living room. You get the picture. He’s a finisher and he’s super cool. He gets things done. He makes me look bad…

But I digress…this year I’m a felting fool. I’ve spent a small fortune at Goodwill (and am now banned from that store until Jan 1) on wool sweaters I’ve been turning into felt.

We’re making mittens, hats, animals, all kinds of fun stuff for our cousins

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  1. mwahahaha! I can totally relate to the thrifting, the ADD and the pile-o-sweaters! C's mittens look cute, and I will stay tuned to see what comes of B's hat. :-P
  2. You're cracking me up! We are sewing with felt to make our Christmas gifts and projects this year too. I wish I would have thought about how cool it is to felt sweaters first, rather than just buy boring old felt by the yard (and it's not even wool, but don't tell anyone.) Thank you for visiting this morning, I appreciate your comment, it is hard to let go, it takes many years and it is never entirely possible, is it?
  3. Thanks for visiting and linking up! I did get your email, and I promise to get back to you by the end of the week. It's a crazy week! I do like the idea. I hear you about the projects. I was a diehard knitter and making a lot of projects up until last school year. I got back into knitting again a month ago by doing socks. As projects go, they're portable, fairly quick, yet complicated enough to keep my brain occupied. I did a pair for my 8 year old, and finished another pair for the almost 5 year old last night. Next up is a pair for my 6 year old.
  4. I think I bought the rest of the wool sweaters for making my sweater coat... unless there's a bunch of donations here soon in the QC, there won't be many left. :)

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