Hug your Babies Fiercely

Yesterday, the three year old son of a friend of a friend died. He was electrocuted on New Year’s Eve while chasing a ball.

A massive effort was undertaken on Facebook. People from all over prayed for his safety and held candle light vigils in his honor. In the end, his injuries were too severe and he could not recover.

Even though I did not know this little boy, I am saddened beyond words. This is a quick reminder to hug your babies! Fiercely – to quote several friends of mine. There are no guarantees in life. We are here such a short while. While we want to believe that everything will always be ok, sometimes it’s not.

Treasure your babies. Love them. Give them extra hugs and kisses. Today and every day.

Rest in peace Nakoa Moonhawk. Even though I never met you in person, you have touched my life in a profound way. Blessings and peace to your family. May they treasure your memory and recover from your loss.

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  1. Wow... Here I am reading this just when I need it the most. I'm having a very hard mommy day. All 4 kids have been off the wall, grating my nerves, pushing my buttons.... The boys had me exhausted and near tears by 9Am... No joke. It's been a tough day. I have been close to losing my cool all day... Let me be more honest, I HAVE lost my cool a few times today. I just don't know what's gotten into everyone!! Reading this story brings a new light to today. I'd rather be at home being driven NUTS by my kids than to be at home wishing my kids were still here driving me nuts. Suddenly their trouble making doesn't bother so much. My heart breaks for the family of any lost child. Prayers out for this little childs family.
  2. Well said. Nakoa touched many many lives. He is a testimony to the power of love freely given. His family is proof that community works. Ever wider the circle spirals. Thanks for sharing.

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