16 Ways to Have a Hygge Christmas + Free Printable

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A Hygge Christmas is just want you need to simplify Christmas this year so you can focus on what matters! Here are sixteen things you can do this year to enjoy a comfy, cozy, content holiday at home plus a cute free printable too!

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16 Ways to Have a Hygge Christmas + Free Printable

First things first. Do you know what hygge is and how to pronounce? Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness. It’s similar to the German concept of Gemütlichkeit and embodies all things cozy. It became very popular in the US in 2017, but its definitely not a new concept to the Danes.

From what I’ve read, if the American ideal is freedom (which I find very ironic), the Danish ideal is simplicity and coziness. I can totally get behind those two things. Here’s a great article on Country Living if you want to read more about it Hygge!

How do you pronounce HYGGE, you might very well ask. Well, I had to look it up and it’s not what I thought at all. Technically HYGGE is pronounced Hoo-Ga – which means I pronounce it wrong about every single time I say it in my head. Know better, do better right?

Now that you know those two important aspects of the Hygge concept, let’s get into simple things you can do this year to enjoy a Hygge Christmas at home.

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Light candles

It’s the prefect time of year to light candles on your dinner table. Fancy up your family meals with lit candles on the table.

Hang a natural wreath

So many natural wreaths are beautiful and not that hard to make! Choose your favorite natural wreath and get crafting with the family.

Bake cookies

I’m might be in the minority here, but I’m actually not a gleeful cookie baker. My kids really enjoy it though so we do try to bake homemade cookies every year. 

Use ornaments with history

Surely I’m not the only one whose family resorts to screaming fits during tree decorating time? To make things smooth, we use ornaments with history – but not the breakable ornaments. LOL

Build a fire

Curling up beside a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day is so satisfying! If you really want to embody Hygge Christmas, get those fires going at home.

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Wear fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are my kids’ favorite – but I prefer the nice slippers. In fact, I’m hoping to find a new pair of fuzzy wool slippers under my tree this year.

Use soft fabrics

Tis the time of year for flannels and feather duvet covers. If you don’t have them out yet, bust out the soft winter fabrics and get comfy! 

Make favorite holiday dishes

Some of our favorite holiday dishes are fondue and raclette and we make them around Christmas and New Years each year. They always make the family happy and are lots of fun to enjoy together. What are some of your favorite holiday dishes?

Pare down your tree decor

Paring down the tree has been a goal of mine for years! This year we took it to a new level and got a pencil thin tree. I love it! The kids, not so much. 

Take up an indoor hobby, like knitting

Hygge embodies peaceful connections so take up an indoor hobby like crochet or knitting and make yourself a soft sweater out of cozy yarn!

Read real books

Reading real books is something I struggle with unless I’m traveling. Honestly, I prefer to read on my kindle app, but there is something fun about pursuing real books.

Use minimal gift wrap

I find it interesting that the concept of Hygge seems a lot like minimalist and also seems to show a respect for the environmental causes. I’ve been trying for years to reduce our gift wrap and to use paper and natural items to embellish whenever possible and doing so this year in another way you can enjoy on beautiful Hygge Christmas.

Cozy up with pillows and blankets

My husband makes fun of me because of all the pillows I have on our bed, but there really is not much more satisfying than sinking into delightfully soft pillow and blankets. I wholeheartedly endorse this Hygge concept. 

Indulge in hot chocolate

Did you know that Danes (people from Denmark and the creators of Hygge) consistently ranks among the happiest of countries in the world? That’s in part because of this focus on cozy. And what’s a better way to get cozy than to enjoy lovely cup of hot chocolate on a cold day?

hygge christmas artboard

Would you like to print out the beautiful graphics in this blog post? They’re perfect for putting in an 8 1/2 x 11″ frame and prominently displaying in your home!

Grab my free Hygge Christmas Printable here!


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