HyVee – Cheap Wine!! :-)

I love a nice glass of red wine. Actually, since becoming seriously cheap, eh hem, frugal that is, my expensive tastes have been taken down a notch. This morning when my 7 year old daughter and I snuck out of the house for some retail therapy, our last stop was HyVee. In fact, we almost passed it by altogether, but since it was on the way, we decided to stop.

Someone taught my sweet girl to read! And she noticed a sign that I did not, which said, “Buy any 12 bottles wine and save 15%.” So we did. Good thing she read that to me! 🙂

I got all of the bottles pictured above, plus 3 more that won’t fit on my rack for $46! (Normally I buy my wine with my grocery budget, but most of this came out of my discretionary spending).

I sweetened the deal by sticking to HyVee’s cheaper wines (mostly); they have a $3-$6-$9 line, but I did sneak in a more expensive bottle of Malbec that I sure hope is good. In April, my husband and I ate dinner in Houston at a restaurant called Tango & Malbec – an Argentinian Steak House. We enjoyed a really nice bottle of wine there and delicious food. 🙂 So, I thought we could try another. Our 14th wedding anniversary is in a week!

I also got a few bottles of discontinued wine that I found $1 off coupons for. Who says you can’t use coupons on wine? 😉 If you’re curious about other ways to cut down on liquor costs, read this post!

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