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The Importance of Teaching Infants to Swim

pediaswim1It’s the time of year again when backyard pools will start springing up all over the country. Since I’ve known several people to lose, or almost lose, their kids to drowning, I wanted to remind everyone about the importance of teaching infants to swim. PediaSwim is a great way to teach your infants and children swim-float-swim to help them get out of a pool and possibly save their lives.

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The Importance of Teaching Infants to Swim

Did you know that drowning is the #1 accidental death in children ages 0 to 4? It sadly is. An acquaintance of mine lost a four-year-old to drowning last year and I remember when my own sister fell into a pool while we were visiting family in Florida. She was only a toddler, and luckily and adult was nearby to pull her out, but that day could have played out a lot differently. Drowning is preventable.  We can help combat the terrible drowning statistics by training individuals in every community to teach babies to swim. Because even babies can learn water safety and play a part in their own rescue.

Curious how PediaSwim works? Check out this video of toddlers and babies being taught to hold their breath, float, and get to the side of the pool. If you have a pool and babies, I really think this course is a must for your family. I don’t think there could be much worse than losing your child in a preventable accident. No amount of money is too much when it comes to saving your child.

If you’d like to learn the PediaSwim teaching technique, they’re also looking for instructors. PediaSwim instructors are own boss and can make a real difference in the community! Learn more at: Baby Swimming Instructor Training Course.

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As an Amazon Associate Michelle Marine, SimplifyLiveLove, earns from qualifying purchases.