January No Spend Challenge ~ Week 1 Update

Week 1 Update

I’ve done a pretty good job at not spending money this first week of the January No Spend Challenge! I knew my weak area would be staying away from the little grocery that’s just out my back door. I’ve been known to head over there three times in one day. It’s just too convenient sometimes. This week, I only went ONCE! And all I bought was $1.55 bag of frozen peas so we could make fried rice. Success!

During the week I also bought 3 dozen farm fresh eggs – $6.00 – from the local feed store. They are so pretty! And they are so much healthier than commercial eggs.

Finally, this morning I had to buy groceries. We are out of most fresh produce and I’m not willing to compromise health by not buying fresh fruit and veggies. I had intended to go to Aldi, but I got there an hour before they opened. Seriously? I’m not a morning person! How did that happen??

Since Aldi is right next to Walmart, and I needed to return something anyhow, I went over to Walmart. Here’s an example of how price-matching can save you money.

I bought:

9 grapefruit – Walmart price = .84 ea / price match = .29 ea

2 pineapples – Walmart price = 2.98 ea / price match = .99 ea

3 avocados – Walmart price = 1.48

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  1. The picture of the eggs is beautiful! we get free eggs from my parents free range chickens. Everyday I save my scraps of veggies and fruits from cooking and meals and we every morning we take the chickens a healthy treat. I LOVE farm fresh eggs. Commercial eggs taste horrible in comparison. I came across some great deals on meat and dairy this week. $1.50 gallons of milk, .59lb chicken, .99lb pork chops, .17 grapefruits... It was great! The weekly menu for us is looking good this week!
  2. Super job this week! This inspires me. With the exception of milk, bread, eggs, and produce, I could totally go at least a week, probably TWO without spending money. Also, I love it when I can get to Aldi. The cash savings always surprises me at the end. Even when I know how much I am spending, I still get a little thrill when they finish ringing me up.
    • We're heading to Aldi today in the snow. I'm not sure I will make it on the $20 that I have left for the last 10 days of the month, though... I love Aldi!
    • You'd probably be surprised what all you can concoct to stay out of the grocery store. I do make sure we have lots of fresh produce though, and this time of the year that means I have to hit the stores.

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