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January Spending Strike Day 2

Happy New Year, Blogging Friends! I hope you had a great holiday season and happy new year’s celebration and are ready to kick off 2014 on the right foot!

spending strike

I announced waaaay back in December that I was joining forces with Kelli from The Sustainable Couple and embarking on a Spending Strike in January. I’ve actually done this the past couple of years – always in January – usually in conjunction with Life As Mom’s Eat from the Pantry Challenge. I have HUGE stash of pantry and freezer food and January is a great time to try to work through that stash. Waste not, want right. Right?

This year we’re stepping it up a bit – Kelli has challenged herself to spend NO MONEY in January. You can read her progress here. I have not pledged anything that drastic. But honestly, my husband and I already spend very little money on a regular basis. One of the benefits to living in the boonies is we are rarely tempted by Starbucks or Target because they just aren’t out here. We save a lot, but when we do spend, it’s usually big – like our trip to Paris last year.

On a regular basis, though, you will find me shopping for household items and clothing at Goodwill and Salvation Army. Granted, I can rack up quite the bill at Salvo and Goodwill – just ask my friend Robin. 😉 So, I will be staying out of thrift stores this month. Instead, I’m saving my money for all new household items for our Passive House that we hope to move into in August. I’m going on a huge shopping trip one of these days soon and I plan to spend an insane amount of money. But we’ve been saving for this moment for years. And focusing on the prize will help me add more cash to that stash at the end of January!

But back to the SPENDING STRIKE… To prepare for this month, I read Sarah Barker’s book The Spending Strike. I found it interested to read through her daily temptations and successes. Barker is a fellow Iowan and community college instructor {like me} and wrote an interesting book about her experiences with her family’s first spending strike back in January of 2011. She also wrote The Spending Strike Workbook to help people keep track of their accomplishments and savings for each day of their strike. Barker’s hope is that embarking on a spending strike of your own will help you enjoy what you already have! Her strike forced her back into the kitchen and helped her enjoy more quality time with her three children. I enjoyed reading about family nights her family had and a cooking contest she and her husband had one night for a date night in. I hope to come up with creative family entertainment and food using what we already have in our barn as well!

I hope to update tomorrow and share more of my family’s goals for our strike. And Monday, I’ll share the menu plan I’m putting together for January based on what’s in my kitchen right now! So stay tuned..


Friday 10th of January 2014

I know it's just a small thing but I make my own wrinkle releaser. The store bought stuff is so expensive and I just do not want to iron all the time.


Friday 10th of January 2014

Don’t go out to eat.

Rachel Russell

Friday 10th of January 2014

Several ways I save money is by canning or freezing leftovers, hanging my clothes on the line or in front of the fireplace to dry, bartering (exchanging some babysitting for 1/2 gal of milk and some deodorant, ha). This keeps me out of the store myself which saves even more money!

Ashley Fryer

Friday 10th of January 2014

Don't go out to eat.

Pamela j

Friday 10th of January 2014

My tip is an easy one, stay out of the stores.

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