June Garden Update

June garden update - SimplifyliveloveIt’s JUNE!! Summer is almost upon us and my garden is in full swing already. The progress compared to my May update is amazing!! Ahem. Well, mostly it’s a weedy mess, but I hope to take care of that very shortly. Would you like to see what’s growing in my garden? Come on along with me on a tour of the good, the bad, and the weedy. {heheheheee}

June Garden Update at Simplify, Live, Love

june garden update Simplifylivelove.comI’ve got two varieties of corn planted so far and I’m planting a third variety next week. My first planting came up okay, although there are some spotty areas in the rows. I planted the second variety two weeks later and it just popped up a couple days ago. So far, it looks like it germinated a little bit better, but I’m still waiting on a bit more!

The onions are also looking great. I’ve harvested a few green onions already and boy are they tasty!

June garden update peas and carrots simplifylivelove

My peas are looking good! I’ve got one variety that’s almost ready to harvest and the other two varieties are flowering.

peas june garden updateI have to say, though, so much for bush peas that don’t require staking. My non-staking peas are so tall they fell over and are smashing the carrots that are growing between the rows. I hope, more pea fencing will go up today. Grrr.
potatoes June garden updatePotatoes are looking good! I’ve got 4 varities this year and I believe every last seed potato has finally poked its little head out of the dirt. That means, I have 120 potato plants this year – and many of them are just about to flower. I’m curious what my yield will be! I really love fresh potatoes. Last year, I harvested well over 200 pounds of potatoes.

spinach, lettuce, and kale June garden updateThe cold weather crops are just going nuts in my garden this year! The weather’s been pretty nice this spring – a good amount of rain and not too hot.  I’ve never had such a nice stand of spinach and I’m thrilled. I had so much volunteer lettuce and it’s ready to pick. We’ve been eating it for a couple weeks now and I’ve sent some home with friends. I need to freeze some spinach for smoothies because it’s going to bolt very soon.
beans June garden update simplifyliveloveBesides the weeds, I’ve got two other problems in my garden. One is the beans that are being eaten by bean beetles. I tell ya what, these stupid beetles can just go away. I had gorgeous beans last year and not one bean beetle. Where do they come from? Do they send memos to each other? “Hey gorgeous garden over there – need bean beetles??” I’ve dealt with cucumber beetles, flea beetles, potato beetles, and now I’m squashing bean beetles. If I never see another beetle, it will be too soon. 🙁 My beans also had really spotty germination. I’m not sure if more will pop up or what, but I’d say only about half them came up. Frustrating!!
cabbage June garden update SimplifyliveloveAnd the third problem in my garden has to do with my brassacias – bunnies are eating them! I’ve also never had rabbits eating my plants, but they are totally destructive this year. I don’t really want to put up a fence, mainly because it sounds like a lot of work {and I’m actually quite lazy} but I think I might have to or I won’t have any cabbages to turn into sauerkraut. And that would make me very sad.

volunteer tomatoes June garden update SimplifyLiveLove

In other news, I finally found volunteer tomatoes. After killing ALL OF MY SEEDLINGS {yes, it’s true!}, I had to buy tomato plants and I couldn’t find the varieties I wanted. I’m pretty sure I have volunteer San Marzano tomatoes from last year though, so that makes me happy. The tomatoes I bought are looking good and flowering even. And I need to get some sort of stake system up for them so I don’t end up with the same tomato jungle mess I seem to have every single year.

And that’s it for now, friends. Because as you can tell by this post, I have a lot of freaking work to do!! Please join me on Instagram! There you will see the most current photos of my garden, harvest, chicks, passive house, and kids!

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  1. Why don't you have a fence? We invested in some years ago and use it every year. Deer,bunnies,cats,dogs, dont get in.
    • Liz, I haven't needed one before! We have an electric fence which keeps the dog out and I've never had a problem with kritters in the garden before. Fences make it harder to get our little tractor in there and they're just a lot of work. :-) but it looks like my fence free days are about over. :-(
  2. Would wrapping some chicken wire around the cabbages help? Or would it just be easier to fence up the whole thing? I am jealous of all the space you have for your garden. Would love to be able to plant enough produce for my family to live off of--if we weren't renting I would till up my entire tiny back yard and make it one huge garden ;)
    • Fencing just the cabbage area might be a good idea, Amanda! I need to talk to the hubs. Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I could grow enough for us to live off of too. I grow a lot, but it's not enough. YET. :D
  3. I'm so jealous of your peas. We had a few weeks of 80 degree weather before they started to bloom and so they are dying off. :( I was hoping with our cooler weather now they would do alright but no. My bush peas are doing good though. I always have to put some kind of support up for them, since they tend to fall over in the rain.
  4. Looks awesome !! Your garden sure grew FAST !!! Mine is getting there- have been able to eat some lettuce and kale already. Everything else is coming along nicely. I may plant a second planting of corn and some beans still.
  5. Your garden looks so great! I found your blog on An Oregon Cottage Tuesday Garden Party. I find it so interesting to see how others are gardening in other areas of the U.S. I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada and love to see the "moisture" in your soil :) Keep up the great work on your blog.
    • Thanks so much, April! We had some really big rains over the weekend- right after I gave up and watered the garden, of course! :-( and tonight we're in a massive storm watch with up to 4-5 inches of rain possible and baseball sized hail. Might be the end of my garden!!!
  6. It changed quite a bit since your last set of pictures. Looks great and I bet you get a great harvest. Kittens outgrow gardens, I think. I only grow easy flowers so I don't really have any advice.
  7. Your garden looks beautiful! I, too, am amazed that you don't have fencing. I wouldn't have a garden at all between the small critters, the chickens, and the deer. It does make things a little more complicated, though. Perhaps you could plant something around all the edges of your beds to detract? For instance, I know marigolds are supposed to repel deer. Just a thought, but it looks beautiful so far! Keep up the good work!
    • I don't have a problem with deer - just bunnies right now. :-) I companion planted like crazy this year - but my marigolds are spread around inside the garden instead of around the outside. Hmmm. Good suggestion!
  8. Great garden. I have a small chicken wire fence to ward against hungry bunnies! I hear ya with the work involved. My hubs does that thankfully, but it seems to be pretty low maintenance. I never get much spinach, but more than usual and I need more pea stakes, that's my goal for next year. Love sharing garden progress.
  9. I love your garden. It is huge so you can lose some and still have some. I have some pots on the back deck. I have started some in containers in the front yard and the darn slugs have managed to start eating them. The snails too. I used some natural slug bait and it isn't working. I just got some real slug bait and just put it in the pots. My animals eat grass and I didn't want to hurt them. I threw the slugs as far as I could throw them. I am impressed. Those bunnies can do damage even though they are so cute. Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed your pictures and wish I had such a great big garden!!

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