Keep Comfy on Long Road Trips with prAna! #MamboprAna

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Being comfortable and active is imperative to surviving long family road trips. Here’s how you can keep comfy on long road trips with prAna {to also help you stay sane, active, and healthier!!}

Keep Your Family Active on Long Road Trips with these Tips

*Many thanks to prAna for sponsoring this post on how to keep comfy on long road trips. All opinions are my own.*

Keep Comfy on Long Road Trips with prAna!

We’ve been on an epic family road trip for over two weeks now. On Monday, we’ll head home and by the time we get back to Iowa, we will have been through seven states, five national parks, numerous national monuments, and covered over 5,000 miles in the car! When you spend that much time in the car, it’s imperative to stay comfortable and active to remain sane! As you’re preparing for your family road trips, make sure to keep comfort in mind! Keep Comfy & Active on Long Road Trips to stay healthy and sane.

Comfy clothes rule on road tips

Not only do comfortable clothes make travel more enjoyable, but they also make it easier to move when you stop which is one key to staying healthy. I recently received a couple nice clothing articles from prAna that are perfect for comfortable, active travel. We’ve driven close to 3000 miles so far and have 1800 more to go before we get home. I’m so glad I received these nice clothing articles before we left as they’ve made my time in the car super comfy.

prAna Mika Strappy Top

prAna Juniper Pant and  prAna Mika Strappy Top

I really like the Juniper Pants are I’ve received several compliments on them as well. They’re made from a blend of hemp, organic cotton and stretch material. I love the long flared leg. I’m 5’9 and often have a hard time finding pants that are long enough, but that was not the case with these! The Mika top has a really fun strappy back which I love. It’s very comfortable and flowy and is great for letting the air flow! Not only are the clothes comfy, but they’re just really cute too – we don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of comfort.  🙂

Comfy clothes also make it easier to be active

The goal on our road trip out west was to get to Seattle. However along the way, we tried to hit as many fun national and state parks as we could and we stopped for several days in both South Dakota and Montana. While we didn’t have a lot of time to spend at each stop, we were able to get out of the car for a hiking, climbing, and fun along the way. Wearing clothes that allowed us to move and experience the diverse landscape was key to enjoying each area. We tried to play a few active games outside each day and I think we’ve done a pretty good job of remaining active even though we spent countless hours in the car.

prAna Juniper Pant


After spending days in my prAna clothing, I have seen first hand how they help me stay comfy and active! I’m always happy to promote great products from responsible companies and prAna’s desire to do good for the planet is admirable. Their clothes are sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly products like hemp and organic cotton, and they offer recycled and fair trade certified items as well. PrAna also prioritizes giving back to communities by cleaning up beaches in Southern California, sending aid to areas affected by natural disasters, and donating a portion of the proceeds from a select collection of items to Outdoor Outreach.

I have learned over the years that we can make an impact with our money. One way to spread postivitiy is to think about the impact your purchases have on the planet. If you’d like to buy products you can feel good about, give prAna a try! Make sure you keep comfy on long road trips with prAna!

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