Keep Kids Safe at Home with #MyHigh5

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine. #MakeSafeHappen #IC #MyHigh5

Keep kids safe at home with #MyHigh5

As part of an ambassadorship with Nationwide Insurance over the next few months, I’m working to spread the word on safety and accidental injury issues with children.

Keep Kids Safe at Home with #MyHigh5

As far as moms go, I’m pretty laid back. I have four kids ages 12, 10, 8, and 6, and we live in on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere. I’m not always outside with my kids and I don’t really hover over them. I’m lucky that, for the most part, they’re all of a pretty independent age. However, I know accidents happen and kids get hurt every single day. I’d be remiss in my job as a mom if I didn’t take precautions to help keep my kids safe.

Make sure heavy furniture and TVs are secured to walls to prevent accidental tip overs.

Make sure heavy bookshelves, dressers, and other tall furniture items are properly secured to the walls as tip overs are horrible accidents that leave kids dead.This has been a particular concern with me this year since moving into our Passive-Aggressive house. We’ve got these beautiful fridges that are supposed to be attached to the wall, but haven’t been. Luckily, they will be very soon and this will be one less thing I’ll have to worry about.

blank_safety_checklist Make sure smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors are in place and working properly.

We have a NEST smoke detector system in our home that is really cool. The kids notice it, because it changes colors based on what’s going on in the house and it’s also tied to my husband’s phone so he gets alerts if the detectors go off. It’s actually been a great discussion point for our family and my kids are much more aware than they ever were before. Even though it’s easier with this new system to tell if it’s working properly, it’s still necessary to verify and switch out batteries as needed.

Be mindful in the car.

As my kids get older, I try really hard to set a good example by driving without my phone in my hands. I also make a point to always check behind me before I back up my car and check my rear cameras too. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people and pets being backed over so I try really hard move my car slowly at home after I’ve verified that my path is clear.

Have an inclement weather & fire evacuation plan that the entire family is understands.

You might not think of Iowa as tornado alley, but we have a lot of scary weather in the spring. We live out in the country and can’t hear tornado sirens so it’s important for my family to have a plan in place when the weather could be iffy so everyone understands what they need to do. I haven’t prepared a tornado kit, but one thing I would like to do is set up a bag in our basement with water, flashlights, and a radio so that we’ve got something if we need it.

I also make sure to review fire strategies like stop, drop, and roll with my children.

Stranger Danger

I love living in a rural area where we know  most everyone. But while it’s great, it also has a drawback. My kids are sometimes way too friendly to strangers. I certainly don’t want to freak them out and make them be afraid of the world, but I do need them to understand that there’s a time and a place for being friendly. This is a tough line for me, but I highly recommend making sure your kids understand that not all people are good and that they can’t head off with just anyone.

For a ready made MyHigh5 checklists, head over here. Nationwide has suggestions for all age kids. Or, if you’d like to make your own based on your needs, you can download the blank checklist in my post or go grab your own here.


Another great thing to do with your kids to increase awareness around accidental injuries is attend a Safe Kids Day! Safe Kids Day supports the life-saving programs of Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit organization working to protect children from accidental injuries, such as drowning, fires, burns, poisoning and traffic injuries. Safe Kids Day will take place across the country through local programs for anyone to participate. Find out where you can participate here.

For more information, please visit the Make Safe Happen website, the Nationwide Facebook or Twitter,  and download the Make Safe Happen App. The resources share age appropriate and room-specific tips to help prevent injuries. 


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Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long-time green-living enthusiast, and rural Iowa mom of four. She empowers families to grow and eat seasonal, local foods; to reduce their ecological footprint; and to come together through impactful travel.

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