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Last Minute Handmade Mother’s Day Gift ~ Painted Flower Pot

last minute homemade mother's day giftOne of the things I learned at my recent blogger’s conference was to be authentic. Being authentic is something I have tried to do since I first started blogging, but sometimes I think I let it get in the way of my posts.

Take Mother’s Day for instance. If I were on top of things, I would have had a great post up weeks ago with some cute ideas for things you could make for Mother’s Day. But I didn’t get to it because planning ahead has never been my strong suit. 😉 I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. And quite honestly, I’m pretty darn lucky some days just to get things done on time.

In the past, I simply have not shared what I feel are decent ideas, just because I thought it would too late. But I’m I’m not the only person out there who waits until the last minute, right??? So, I decided to share this post with you anyway {you can always pin it for later, right?}. If you are looking for a quick, {cheap,} and cute homemade idea for Mother’s Day, here ya go!

Have your kids paint a pot, add a nice flower, and viola. Cute, {cheap,} last minute handmade Mother’s Day Gift. Check.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Acrylic Paint {I recently decided that I would ONLY buy my kids the primary colors. They should be able to make any color they want out of those three colors, right? Okay…I’ll also buy black and white. But that’s it.} I like this Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
  • Acrylic Coating Varnish Spray ~ Essential to protect the paint on the pot so it doesn’t wear off. We use one like this, Krylon Clear Acrylic Coating Spray.
  • Paint Brushes ~ we like the foam brushes like this, Value-Pack 10-Pc Foam Paint Brush Set – Wood Handles
  • Terra Cotta Pot & Plate ~ This costs around $5 at the local hardware store.
  • Plant ~ For this post, I bought really cute violets. They also cost just over $5 at the local hardware store.
  • Potting Soil ~ A bag of potting soil is also very cheap at your local hardware store.
  • Sharpie ~ to write Happy Mother’s Day on the pot, if you don’t want to paint it on.

To make the pot:

Give your kids some paint and set them loose!

acrylic paint I put paint on a paper plate and let them go crazy.

foam paint brushWe tried to get a rainbow from swiping all 3 of the primary colors at once. It didn’t quite work out. But it did make a pretty pot!

ainbow terra cotta flower potNot quite a rainbow.

painting a flower potMy almost 3 year old spent the longest time out of all the kids painting her pot! She stayed at it for almost an hour and painted the entire pot – inside and out!

nted mother's day flower pot They all got messy and had a lot of fun.

homemade mother's day pot

painted terra cotta pot
Your kids can get as creative as they like! I think hand prints would be very cute on these pots, but we didn’t do it. We actually painted these for Easter baskets…but they served double duty and became a mother’s day gift for grandma!

After the pots are finished, let them dry for as long as you can, ideally overnight, but they dry in several hours in a pinch. Write or paint Happy Mother’s Day 2013 and add your kids’ names, if you’d like.  They spray with a protective coat of acrylic spray paint and let it dry too. It dries enough to handle in about 2 hours. Plant your flower, and voila ~ {cheap,} easy, cute homemade Mother’s Day gift that will be fun to look at for many years!

mother's day plant

ade mother's day flower pot
Do you have any ideas for easy {and cheap} yet meaningful Mother’s Day gifts? I’d love to hear!

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