Layered Quesadillas

Last week I got busy and partially re-stocked my fridge and freezer. I made 5 loaves of my everyday bread, a double batch of Artisan bread dough, 5 scone mix packets, a double batch of tortilla dough, 4 pints of pinto beans, 1 pint of black beans, 2 pints of cooked and shredded turkey breast, and a double muffin mix packet. I love having ingredients like this on hand as they can really help simplify mealtime.

This morning I pulled out my tortilla dough, a bag of pinto beans, and a bag of shredded turkey for quesadillas tonight. A friend, well technically she’s my step-cousin-in-law, made me these quesadillas  a while back and they were the best quesadillas I have ever had! (Hi Leah, if you’re reading this!!) 🙂

Layered Quesadillas

The picture doesn’t do them justice. I forgot to take a picture of mine with all of the pretty ingredients on it and instead took a picture of Ben’s. He didn’t want the veggies so it doesn’t look as good, in my opinion. Regardless, they are so simple to make. Here’s what you do:

Make your favorite quesadilla and cut it in half. On one half spread beans or whatever you may like. (Ben wanted beans and rice and sour cream). Put the other half on top and add whatever toppings you may want. I added lettuce, tomato, avocado, sour cream, and cheese to mine. Enjoy!

I plan to add more bulk cooking this week. Specifically, I plan to make homemade granola to have on hand. It’s great with fruit and yogurt and makes a fabulous snack.

How do you simplify busy meal preps?

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  1. Hi Kim, I use a recipe that I got with my tortilla press. It's 50-50 whole wheat/white flour, salt, water, oil. Super easy. Next time I make them, I'll blog about it!

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