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Looming surgery…and a chaotic life!

If you’re wondering what’s up the radio silence, here’s the deal…Early last week we got a call that Sara’s hip surgery would be Nov 1, and not the 11th, as I had originally thought. My whole world was thrown into a tailspin. We had planned to spend this week at my mother’s house in Missouri and were taking strides to make that happen.

Suddenly, instead of having two weeks AFTER our trip to get my life in order, I had the FIVE days prior to our trip. I’ve been in panic mode since then.

I still have so much to do. My house has slowly been disintegrating into disorganized chaos because I’ve been spending all waking hours researching hip dyspliasa…I haven’t bought all the supplies I need for Sara post surgery, and I still have bags and bags of free apples, walnuts, and a few sugar pumpkins to deal with.

Additionally, the college class I taught ended last week. Grades were due and my next class started. Yes, it WAS a seriously chaotic week and blogging took a back seat. We were determined to go to Missouri so I worked hard to get things organized around here. It’s hard to put someone else in charge of my life if I can’t find what we need in my own house…

Happily, I got our homeschooling shelf cleared and organized. I cleaned out and organized almost all the cupboards in my kitchen and packed the apples to can in Missouri. I decided the pumpkins and walnuts will wait. I’ve also been making sure the kids have winter clothes because who the heck knows when winter will descend on Iowa. I bought coats and boots. Dug out all the gloves, scarves, and hats. Reorganized all their clothing so other people can find it.

Yesterday we packed for our afternoon departure to Missouri and had everything waiting by the door when my mother called to tell me she’s been sick. Normally, I’m not scared of being sick. But Sara won’t have her surgery if SHE’S sick. So, we stayed put. Now I’m dealing with disappointed kiddos and no food and no food plan…and me – a germaphobe for the first time in my life who’s afraid to go anywhere for fear of getting sick.

And that’s my life right now! I do plan to get back on track with the blogging and have some fun posts in the words for the next few days! I hope your world is good!


Wednesday 26th of October 2011

Wishing you peace in all of the chaos!

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As an Amazon Associate Michelle Marine, SimplifyLiveLove, earns from qualifying purchases.