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10 Things to Do Every Day to Maintain a Healthy Heart

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I’m sure you’ve heard of a few things you can do to maintain a healthy heart, but there are actually a lot of fun {and delicious} ways to live a healthy life! You will like¬†at least some of these 10 ideas, guaranteed! ūüôā
10 Things you should Do Every Day to Maintain a Healthy Heart

February is American Hearth Month and I’m honored to partner with Welchs to provide heart healthy tips! It’s never too late or too early to start living a heart healthy life! #IHeartPurple#AmericanHeartMonth #Welchs

10 Things to Do Every Day to Maintain a Healthy Heart

1. Eat from the rainbow –

Specific colors of fruits and vegetables offer unique health benefits and a eating diet rich in colors is a great way to maintain a healthy heart. How lucky are we to have so many delicious and beautiful fruits and veggies to eat that are also good for us? Surely you can find some type of colorful fresh food to eat – it doesn’t have to be broccoli or brussel sprouts {though I happen to think they are both delicious too!}

2.Eat dark chocolate –¬†

I certainly don’t need an excuse to eat dark chocolate, but I love that I can indulge a little each day and also claim that it’s for my own good. LOL!

3.Eat a handful of heart healthy nuts and cut out sources of unhealthy saturated fats –¬†

Not only are raw nuts delicious, but they are also full of heart healthy fats! Grab a handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts, or pecans when you need a delicious and filling snack and once again, know that your indulgence is good for you!

4.Pet cats & dogs¬†–¬†

Did you know that pets are good for a healthy heart? They are, because they help keep stress down and a calm, happy ¬†heart, is a healthier heart. It’s true!

5. Drink a glass of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice

Bring more purple produce into your life with a glass of ¬†Welch‚Äôs 100% Grape Juice made with Concord grapes. {You might¬†even want to replace a glass of wine with 100% grape juice I won’t tell!} Nearly 20 years of research says¬†100% grape juice made with Concord grapes helps support a healthy heart!laugh with your family

6. Move around throughout the day¬†–¬†

Get those steps in! An active lifestyle makes for a healthy heart. I don’t have a fitbit or anything like that, but little reminders to get up from my computer throughout the day are very helpful for me since I sit at my computer a significant portion of the day right now.

7.¬†Floss your teeth –¬†

Healthy gums have actually been linked to healthy hearts. Did you know that? I have to admit that I dislike flossing as much as anyone, yet it really is a good thing to do every single day.

8. Get enough sleep –¬†

Ah blessed sleep. How I love thee. Seriously, the health benefits of adequate sleep are touted all over the place. Develop a good nighttime routine and try to get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz

9.Enjoy a fun hobby –

Another way to reduce stress is to have a fun hobby to enjoy. Of course, it also helps if your hobby is something active, like running or cross fit, but just keeping your hands busy by knitting is even a great way to reduce stress.

10.Laugh¬†with kids and friends –

Finally, another great way to reduce your stress is to laugh. There is not much better than a good ole belly laugh, so  please, for the sake of your heart, find someone to laugh with every single day. <3

Maintain a healthy heart with this list of ten fun things to do every day

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How do you maintain a healthy heart? Share you best tips in the comments.

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