Making Candles

Yesterday we met our Waldorf group for our monthly Waldorf Homeschooling Day and we made homemade candles! I made candles once in the past (about 10 years ago) so I had a vague knowledge for how to pour them but I always poured them in jars and we made pillars! To make pillar candles, we just used orange juice concentrate containers (with metal bottoms) as the form and poured the wax right inside. Ben poured a little wax and then let it slightly harden before adding a different color. His pillar is striped!
homemade candles

We also made rolled and dipped candles, which I have never done. We used lovely beeswax sheets to roll and the kids dipped wicking in wax to make pillars. We started the dipped candles a little late in the day so they are pretty skinny. The have to dry for about 10 minutes in between each dipping so we only got a few dunks in before we had to head home.

The kids had a blast. Ben, especially, loves creating like this. It was a very easy process. Here are some pictures from our lovely day.


candle making


candle making


making candles


making candles


making candles
Have you ever made homemade candles ?
homemade candles
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  1. first off, HOW FUN! Love these ideas and how creative the kids can be with simple things. I grew up that way... collecting pine cones and nature and creating from it. Always loved it. GOOD JOB MARINE KIDDOS!

    Ok, Ben is tooooo cute! The pic of him with the candle is excellent. He is just a good looking boy with great hair!?

    Glad you all had a great time. Had a good laugh the other day. I took Logan to our wooden play park. The place was PACKED! Homeschoolers galore. Just a small portion of them apparently, as one woman said there's 97 families locally who are homeschooling (well who are at least part of their group)... up from 77 last year. I was surprised!
    Hope you all are having a good day and enjoy the candles with the darkness of night- they really do provide such comfort and beauty. I didn't realize how I had stopped using candles since the kids were small (dangerous)... I've started back and love it!
  2. Ben is a cutie. The pic of him cracks me up because it looks like the wick is going up his nose... :-) Tons of people homeschool! It is gaining in popularity.
  3. What a great day! Love the pics, thanks for posting, and thank you, to our wonderful hostess, for welcoming us all to her home on such a muddy day!
  4. Lovely! I really like the beeswax candles. I have made my own candles with our kids by melting white candles down and adding in melted crayons as "sprinkles". We even reuse the wicks and just pour it all into small disposable cups. Not quite as authentic, but pretty. And I do love how Waldorf uses lit candles even on the lunch table, all winter long. (Sent DS to a Waldorf preschool and we all really miss it!)

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