MasterCard MarketPlace to Save $$ and #FinishMyList


I have a lot of shopping to do from mid November to the end of December with THREE family birthdays {and that’s only my immediate family} and Christmas, and I’m always on the lookout for good deals to reduce my out of pocket expense during this time. I was interested to learn recently about the MasterCard MarketPlace because saving money always makes me happy!!

To see what MasterCard MarketPlace is all about, I headed over to their website. There, I logged in with my Facebook account, punched in my zip-code, and pulled up a few offers in my area. We’re pretty rural, so I didn’t expect to find a lot. I was happy to see a $10 pizza voucher for $4 and I snagged one for my husband. It was his birthday on 12-12-12, so that voucher helped me add a bit more to his present!

Our remodeling business takes him all over the place and often he needs to grab a lunch out. I thought this would be a great way to reduce his lunch bill! This deal was actually routed me to – a service we have used a lot!

Next I took a look at all of the different categories the MarketPlace has. I was pleased to see a wide variety of categories – I found good deals not only for food and drink, but also for kids and travel, too! There were offers for spas and pets, free coupons for online shopping like at the Disney Store, and also discounted art and craft projects too! I clicked on quite a few deals and was taken to Plum District,, Deal Find – MasterCard MarketPlace seems to be a way to organize all of those local and national deal programs that I love to know about into one convenient spot, making it easier for me to find them all when I need to.

We’re planning a trip to Chicago soon so I wanted to check out what deals they have there. Using restaurant vouchers has really saved us money when we have to eat out! And I was not disappointed. There were a ton of offers for Chicago-Land.


And finally, I took a look through MasterCard MarketPlace’s Travel section. A girl can dream, right?! $499 for an all-inclusive 3 night stay in Jamaica?! Yes, PLEASE!!

All of these fun offers made my $4 pizza voucher look pretty insignificant. But hey, it saved me 60% and my husband was thrilled. He hasn’t used it yet, but he will enjoy that pizza when he does. And for $4, I was able to cross another gift off my list.

If you’d like more information on the MasterCard MarketPlace, you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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