Menards Trip 7/23

My 7 year old daughter and I snuck out of the house this morning for a little retail therapy before everyone was awake! Our first stop was Menards because they have their Glad storage bags on sale as well as other things in a Back-to-School Sale that lasts through 7/31. Here’s what we bought:

The enormous boxes of Glad bags were $7.99 with a $3 mail-in-rebate. I got the maximum allowed – 3 boxes. They also have a ton of cheap school supplies. I try to stock up for the entire year during the Back-to-School sales because the prices can’t be beat. I got plain pencils, mechanical pencils, colored pencils, erasers, dry erase markers (I also stock up on supplies for our Home Remodeling company during these sales) and a couple of Traper-Keeper type thingamagigs. I’m also hunting for the perfect organization system. If you know of a good one, please let me know! 😉

I spent just over $70 in Menards Rebate money – but nothing out of pocket. I should get around $30 back in Rebate money to keep rolling. In additon to the school supplies and bags, I also got a gallon of vinegar, a huge back of cat food, and some more seeds for my garden.

The price for the Glad bags is really good and it’s sweet corn time in Eastern Iowa right now. The 3 inches of rain we’ve gotten over the last few days will really help finish off the corn. I need the quart sized bags to freeze corn!

If you live near a Menards and want to take advantage of their Back-to-School sale, I’d suggest getting there soon. They were already out of the glue sticks (which I wanted to buy) and running low on other supplies. I asked a stocker that the sale is limited to stock-on-hand.

If you curious how Menards Rebates work, read my Menards 101 post here.


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