Mourning for Sandy Hook ~ And Two Ways you Can Help

On Friday morning at 9:30 am EST {ironically the darkest day of the year}, a one minute moment of silence will fall upon the United States and Newtown, Connecticut, to honor the 26 people who were killed exactly one week ago. I haven’t said anything yet about this tragedy on my blog, but it weighs heavily on my heart. I have my own 7 year old first grader and can’t fathom the pain the parents of the 20 dead first graders must be feeling right now.

I’ve been reflecting a lot this past week, wondering what on earth we can do to fix the mess this country is facing. I asked a friend of mine how she would fix the problem when she is finally appointed to her rightful position as Supreme Ruler of the Universe and she said she would delegate that task back to me. Ouch. But I have no answers. I have no idea what it would take to fix this problem. I don’t even know that I blame anything in particular. Guns. Violent Video Games. Detached Families. Mental Illness Crisis. Over-Medicating Children instead of teaching them to deal with life. Too Much Television. I blame all of it.

I couldn’t stop the tears when President Obama read the names of the 20 little children last week. Ana. Benjamin. Dylan. Grace. Catherine. Three of these names belong to my own children. Two of them are close relatives and we all live in relatively close proximity. What if this would have happened here? To my kids? It scares me to death.

Statistically, it’s more dangerous to drive my van every day than to worry about a mass shooting, my husband pointed out to me. True. But I guarantee the people who sent their kids to Sandy Hook Elementary School never thought in a million years this would happen to them either. And yes, we homeschool 3/4 of our children, but that doesn’t make them any safer, in my mind.

We had to talk a little bit about this tragedy with our own 2 older kiddos. I was afraid of what Anna would hear at school and figured they would discuss it so we mentioned it to her casually. She didn’t really say much, but looked a little startled. Our 7 year old son, though, actually saw a bit on TV about it. He is the more empathetic of the two and wanted to know why someone would kill little kids. “They must have been drunk,” he told me. “People do strange things when they’re drunk.” Such wisdom from a 7 year old.

We also made hearts and snowflakes for Newtown and Sandy Hook. We’re sending them out tomorrow. The hearts are going to a church that plans to hang them all over town. If you’d like to send your own, you can send them the to Hearts of Hope at:

Newtown Congregational Church
14 West St, Newtown, CT 06470

Please include a positive message, the age of the child who made them, and the state you’re from on your heart. Many thanks to my friend, Larae, for telling me about Hearts of Hope!

We’re sending the snowflakes to the Connecticut PTSA. The snowflakes will be used to decorate the new school the children will attend when school resumes in January. You can send them to Connecticut PTSA at:

60 Con

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