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My Favorite Posts from 2011

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It’s interesting for me to look back on my blogging. I’ve only been blogging about a year, but I think it’s safe to say that my style has change quite a lot in this one year! When I first starting blogging, I was very hesitant to broach some topics because I didn’t want to offend anyone and so I focused mainly on couponing and buying groceries. While I still don’t want t0 offend, there are some topics I think are too important not to talk about. I’ve broached a lot more topics than I thought I ever would. And, I don’t think I’ve made too many people mad in the process… :-)

Here are my 11 favorite posts from 2011:

1. Moving the Barn ~ My husband and I are very proud of our efforts to salvage a bit of local history. The post shows how we moved an enormous barn to our property. We’re still in the process of finishing it, but it’s absolutely amazing to me how far we have come this year! I promise to get caught up on the posts about our barn restoration efforts in 2012.

2. Keeping a Low Grocery Part 1 – Breastfeeding ~ It’s safe to say that I am a lactivist and place great importance on breastfeeding. One way I have saved a TON of money over the years has been exclusively breastfeeding my four kids. Not only has it saved money on formula, but I also haven’t had to buy bottles, nipples, bags, and I’m convinced it has saved me money at the doctor’s office, too!

3. Diapering with a Spica Cast ~ This is a more recent post, but my life right now is consumed with hip dysplasia and finding ways to help other people through this trying time in our lives is high on my priority list. I hope this post helps people figure out how to diaper their own hippy babies. :-)

4. Clean Air for Muscatine ~ It still boggles my mind that we live in such a rural area and yet have such filthy air! Hopefully, air quality improves in the coming years. I’m proud that this post prompted me to write letters to editors of three Iowa papers!

5. Waldorf Homeschooling and Silk Dying! ~ One of my favorite homeschooling days from 2011 was this silk dying lesson at Many Hands House! I am looking forward to more of these nice days in 2012.

6. German Pancakes ~ This is one of our very favorite things to eat for breakfast! So many people have commented on this recipe to me. I bet it  could be a favorite of yours too!

7. How to Make Homemade  Egg Rolls ~Who knew you could make your own egg rolls? I never did! I had a lot of fun writing this post. But the best part was eating the egg rolls!

8. Our Trip to the Amish Produce Auction ~ I love the pictures in the post! We had so much fun at the Amish Produce Auction that I love this post talking about our experience there. And scoring 90 lbs of produce for $38 was AWESOME!

9. No Mayo Cole Slaw ~ I actually use this recipe a lot and I was thrilled when a friend posted a link to my blog from somewhere really cool. Of course, I can’t remember where that was now, but it was cool! :-) And the cole slaw’s pretty good, too!

10. Before You Circumcize Your Son ~ This is another topic I was very hestitant to talk about, but one that I think is important enough to mention over and over again.  If I save even one baby boy, I will be so thrilled.

11. Happy Home Birthday, Cora ~ Of course, I love this very recent post about my daughter’s Christmas home birthday. I love the pictures and the kid! These are awesome memories.

I’d love to hear if YOU have a favorite post from my blog! :-)

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