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My Grocery Purchases Week of 6/22

Here’s what I bought this week:

At Walmart & HyVee ~

Walmart – total before coupons and price matching: $62.06 and after coupons and price matching: $28.66! That’s a 53% savings!! My favorite deals at Walmart – 5 ct Zyrtec for .26 after $5 coupon from here, as well as free triscuits and hair gel using coupons I received in the mail.

Hy-Vee – spent just under $10 on the ice cream, grapes & cereal. I also got rainchecks for Earthbound Farms spinach and Raisin Bran because they were out.

From my garden and Mays Berries:

Cost – $20 for the strawberries…more than I’d like to spend, but these are free of pesticides and that’s important to me. Besides, the taste beats conventionally grown strawberries 10,000 to 1! 🙂 (I also took the $20 for the berries out of my discretionary budget because it was entertainment even though they were picked for me. We toured their farm and had a great time.)

At Fareway ~

My purchases from last week’s price matching list before I took into account pesticides… Spent $16 and got a raincheck for potatoes as they were out.

Did you get any good deals this week?

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