My Grocery Purchases Week of 6/8

First up, Walmart ~

I spent way more money on groceries this week than I normally do…Here’s hoping I can refrain for the rest of the month and stick to my budget! I price matched at Walmart using my list here. After price-matching and coupons, I got my total down from $67.84 to $39.81 for a savings of 59%! My biggest bargain was 4 lbs of bacon for $1.44 a lb and 5 lbs of butter for $1.99 a lb!! I also bought 7 bottles of wine for an additional $24. That ought to keep me sane for the rest of the month! 😉 All told, I spent $63.84 at Walmart this week.

At Jewel-Osco~

The most fun I had shopping this week was at Jewel-Osco. They were running a couple promotions I wanted to take advantage of – buy 10 and save $5 off the pasta, peanut butter, and Ragu, and also spend $100 on gift cards and get back $20 OYNO. Our home building business actually needs a lot of gift cards throughout the year, so I bought $300 worth on Oak Tree Homes’ behalf. I got restaurant cards we give out as thank-yous to our great customers (and employees) and gas cards for our employees. For buying that amount, I received $60 in OYNO money for my own personal use! (There have to be some benefits, right?) Combining all of my coupons, the $5/25 coupon I got for signing up for emails, and one of the $20 OYNO coupons, I spent $14.02 OOP for everything shown in this picture! (In the process, I also broke the self-checkout machine which refused to give me my $6 change and finally ran out of the store with my tail between my legs and my 4 screaming children…but that’s a story for another day!) 🙂 The best news is I still have $40 in OYNO coupons and that money is going to get me through the month…

I never did get my receipt after the cash-register fiasco (which I’m really unhappy about) so I can’t calculate total savings with complete accuracy. I’d guess though, that my savings at Jewel approached 85% if calculated on non-sale prices. And please, don’t judge me harshly for occasionally feeding my children Chef Boyardee and Ragu… 🙁 It’s the exception and not the norm around here.

At Target ~

I spent nothing OOP thanks to a gift card I have been hanging on to! My total before coupons was $16.92 and after coupons it was $8.43, or a savings of 50%! And the cherries did not last the evening and they were quite tasty (though no where near as good as the cherries I used to eat as a child)! 🙂

How’d you do shopping this week? 🙂

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  1. Very cool. I just blew $18 on a gallon of milk and 3 lbs of ground beef at the farmers' market, so I'm not feeling too frugal right now. :)

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