My Helpful Sink

There are probably a million safety reasons for me to be schwacked for using my sink in this manner, but sometimes when I’m busy cooking, my sink is my best friend –

~ it amuses my 15 month old
~ it keeps her contained
~ it bathes her and washes her clothes
~ it helps her mop my floor… :-/

Mind you, I don’t stick her in there and then run off to other areas of the house. I stay close at hand to make sure she sits right there. And sit she does. I leave the water on a trickle and give her some plastic bowls and spoons to play with, and she lets me work.

Am I the only weird person, or do some of you do this too?

I’m sharing this over at Works for Me Wednesday.

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  1. LOL - she is just too cute! I love that she will sit and amuse herself - I don't think I could have done this with my boys. Glad it works for you!
  2. I don't do this, but I do give Trey a pasta pot filled with water, plus some bowls, measuring cups, ladles, etc, and let him go to town. Makes a HUGE mess, but it keeps him amused for a good 15 minutes while I cook!

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