My Top Must Haves for Summer

Summer’s on the horizon! Despite this strange weather we’ve been having in Iowa (where it’s 80 one day and 40 the next…) SUMMER will come! Inspired by a post I read here, here are my own Top 10 Must Haves for Summer!

In no particular order…

10. Protective Swimsuits – I have an easier time finding these for boys than girls. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s annoying. Last year at the end of the season I ordered A & C cover-up swimsuits that will still fit them this year. I like them to cover the shoulders and the bottoms because we are a fair family with a number of freckled redheads. I’ve found nice ones here, but I still need to find something suitable for the baby: Land’s End. 

9.  Sunglasses – I love the 10 pair packs of sunglasses that  Graveyard Mall has. For $9.95 plus shipping for 10 pairs, it’s a great deal! I usually find out about their sales from Hip2Save’s blog.

8. Boonshoft Pass – This is a fantastic card for museum access the whole year through. I love it because for $100, I can take my ENTIRE family to reciprocal children’s museums, science museums AND zoos!! Can’t beat that. And no, I’ve never actually been to the Boonshoft Museum…but you can buy their pass online.

7. Floppy Hat – Again, as a fair family with red-heads, floppy hats are a must have. I’m always on the lookout for these at yard sales where they are usually a dime a dozen.

6. Sunscreen – This is a new concern for me. Well, not that we’ve never worn sunscreen before, but a SAFE sunscreen is something I haven’t really pondered in years past. I have been reading about the chemicals and their effects on people: NOT GOOD. You can read here if you want more details. I’m trying to decide which sunscreen to buy (leaning towards California Baby), or I might even attempt to make my own this year! If I do, I’ll blog about it.

5. Ball/Park Toys – I like to keep a tote in my car with fun things for the park. Bubbles, balls, and frisbies are high on the list!

4. Change for Yard Sales – You never know when you might drive by a good one! I don’t normally keep change in my car, but I do in the summer… 🙂

3. Beach Towels – I have been known to show up at the pool with no towels. Yes, it’s true. Having dedicated pool towels helps me remember them!

2. Pool Tote – I found a great bag a while back at a yard sale. It was originally purchased at Land’s End for far than they $2 I paid for it. I love it. It’s handy for throwing all the pool stuff. Check it out here: Land’s End

1. First Aid Kit for the Car – I’m always trying to be more organized. Having diapers, sun screen, band-aids, neosporin, tweezers, and bug repellent in my car helps out a lot! I also like to keep bottled waters in the car (hot water is better than no water in a pinch). I’ll be putting this together soon!

What are your must haves for summer? What have I forgotten?? 🙂

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  1. Excellent reminder. Now that my car is functional again, I will have to stock my summer necessities in it (after it's cleaned out).
  2. Sunscreen is bad, ugh! Is there any product that is safe to use? So frustrating! Now I have to toss all the cheap or free sunscreen I've gotten because it's Neutrogena and according to your website can promote skin cancer!!
  3. Michelle, why are you leaning towards California Baby? Looking through reviews it seems that people like Burn Out too. Just wondering.
  4. Lisa, I didn't have a lot of time to look. CA Baby was the only one I saw in my initial search that was rated 1. A friend also mentioned Blue? Lizzard I think. I looked a bit at that one. It was a #2. I'll look up Burn Out! Let me know what you decide. I knew about this last year, but my solution was just to use very little sunscreen. This year, I think I need to have some sunscreen, especially for Sara.
  5. Okay, I've been home all weekend because Jude's been sick. So just to get out of the house I went to Whole Foods and ended up purchasing Burn Out Kids (good reviews on Amazon saying it was the easiest to apply). I also got Badger because it was half price for $8. We are going to San Diego next week so I will tell you how they worked. Also, surprisingly Whole Foods was cheaper than Amazon.

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