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Pay it Forward ~ 12 days to go

We are down to the final 12 days of Spica wear ~ I hope forever. There is no guarantee that Sara’s surgery will forever fix her dislocated left hip. In fact, our surgeon has told us repeatedly how lucky she will be if this is the only surgical intervention she will need throughout her life. I hate the thought of her going through this again a few years down the road. But I’m hanging on to hope because that’s all I have.

Very kind strangers have made this “ordeal” much more manageable. People I have never met sent us supplies we would need post surgery – out of the kindness of their hearts. One family sent us babylegs, tape, and moleskin. Another family sent us a cast cooler.


  1. The kindness of strangers is a powerful thing, in deed. It makes the world smaller and a bit more hopeful. My family (spurred on my generous 8 year old) passed out envelopes of cash on Christmas Eve morning in a low income area of our city. We did not have to go looking for the ideal recipients. They were simply there. My faith tells me that when you have hope to give and don't hold back, the person who needs it will receive it. We have decided to make this outing a yearly tradition. Sending love and hope to your family as you get through the last 12 days of Spica wear.
    • What a sweet, kind, thoughtful gesture - handing out money on Christmas! I've found that even giving someone the pathetic little quarter in my Aldi cart can really brighten a day. I can't imagine getting an envelope T of cash! Good for you!! Thank you for sharing.
  2. Hi Michelle 12 days to go forever I hope for you too. Thanks to your blog and your kind support on facebook, you have helped me so much as I started my spica journey with Chloe. 8 weeks to go.... and thanks to your support you have made things easier. I hope everything goes well for Sara :)
  3. Extending a kind and helpful hand to others is the best way to create community around you and your family. When we first moved into our neighborhood I was childless and not working due to health issues. I tutored many children in our neighborhood free of charge. In doing so I made many wonderful friends. They would often send over extra food so I wouldn't have to cook dinner after tutoring their children. One uncle re-did our kitchen cabinets for free, we just had to buy the materials. Now I have an active toddler and don't tutor regularly although I help with special projects when asked. I still benefit from warm relationships and now these families will occasionally care for my son when I have an appointment. For no charge, of course! I could have earned a lot of money by tutoring for a fee, but I think that by gaining community I came out much richer in the end!

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