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Photos from our Christmas{es}

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I declared Christmas officially over earlier this week in my post about writing Thank You cards. And I am ready to move on…but I realized I never shared any photos from our three Christmas celebrations and I got some really sweet and funny pictures I’m dying to share…so here’s one more Christmas post before I move on.

marine kids
Our own family Christmas started the Sunday before Christmas. In years past we have schlepped everything down to Missouri for Christmas there. Last year, though, we broke the back windshield of my van trying to pack up so this year we thought maybe Santa would just come early. The kids had no idea and it was really cute!christmas 2012
Ben got a huge nerf gun {bought before the Newtown tragedy or I might have passed}.

christmas 2012
Anna’s been begging for all things American Girl doll. She got a mini doll and a book set {as well as a trip to the American Girl Doll Store in Chicago on New Years Day!}

christmas 2012
Cora got a super fun wooden dollhouse which everyone seems to love {including Ben}. There’s just something about doll houses!

christmas 2012
And Sara got a huge tunnel and a new baby doll.

After our family Christmas in Iowa, we headed to Missouri for Christmas with my parents, sister and her family, and my grandparents.
christmas 2012
We have a standing practical joke or consumables theme in my family and this year we had a Moustache Christmas. It was pretty funny and best of all, we got a free wax when we pulled those suckers off. OUCH!

christmas 2012Everyone had a mustache. It was really hilarious.

christmas 2012
And then we came back to Iowa for one final family Christmas with my hub’s family.
tire sledding
Grandpa got a 4 wheeler so the first order of business was to go sledding…I knew I should have bought them helmets!
tire sleddingLook Ma – NO HANDS! Uncle Jake should know better… 😉

christmas 2012

Beautiful cousins. I hope they grow up to be great friends.

tire sledding

Of course, Sara had to get in on all of the action, too!

And now all of the festivities really are over. The decorations are packed away and the purging and cleaning must begin in earnest. I’m not sure how we accumulate so much junk, but I’m pretty sure that three Chirstmases sure don’t help…

Anyway, I hope your holidays were packed with fun, good food, and great memories. Despite the work and traveling, I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Happy New Year!

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