PlanetBox Rover ~ Green & Eco-Friendly LunchBox Review

The kind folks over at PlanetBox recently sent me one of their Rover Lunchboxes to try out after a reader asked me about green lunch alternatives. I know I get frustrated about all the trash associated with packed lunches and trying to find a safe, non-leaching lunch containment system can be a real headache.

So I was pleased when PlanetBox’s Rover lunchbox arrived at my house a few weeks ago. It’s a super cute, stainless steel lunchbox with separate food compartments {so my kid’s food doesn’t have to touch…}. It came with two dipper containers – one small and one large. The small container is perfect for a side of ranch dressing {so my kid will eat her veggies}, and the large container is great for messy foods like yogurt, hummus, applesauce or pasta salad. It also came with cute magnet accessories and a great carrying bag with a water bottle compartment and handle for easy carrying.

I’m especially pleased that PlanetBox’s products are independently certified to be safe from lead, phthalates, and BPA. I love that the compartment tray and dipping containers can be washed in my dishwasher. And I really love that packing a lunch in the Rover results in zero landfill waste. Plus, the stainless steel parts are guaranteed for 5 years from date of purchase and the soft parts and magnets are guaranteed for 1 year. And best of all, PlanetBox is owned by two American parents trying to make a difference in the world. I like that.

To put the Rover to the test, we packed a snack of watermelon, kiwi, kohlrabi, cucumbers, hummus, ranch dressing, and pita chips. We did our best to shake up the bag on our way out to our barn. I was thrilled when we opened it and everything was securely in its place {and nothing had mixed}.

My only concern about the Rover is that it’s geared for smaller portion sizes and my kids have monster appetites. I’m a little concerned that it won’t hold enough food. We packed the big dipping container in the pocket on the front because it wouldn’t fit in the box with the other food. If it does turn out to be a little small, Planet Box also has a Launch System which

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  1. That's really cool! A few years ago I had considered buying a "bento box" lunch container system but ended up not doing so because it was made of plastic (I think it was BPA free, but it was still plastic). I will check out this alternative. :) Is the bag insulated? and if so, is there room for coldpacks to keep it cool?
    • This is what PlanetBox has to say about that on the FAQ: "How can I keep my food cold? Our Carry Bags are insulated, and include a place for the PlanetBox ColdKit. It can also help to pack food that needs to stay cold the night before and put the entire lunchbox in the refrigerator overnight
  2. Ever wondered why eco-friendly products seem quite expensive? Well, I have and think we have it backward when we refer to manufacturing. Eco should be less and those companies that depend on oil, coal and chemical plants should be the ones that bare the brunt and a huge label on their products that scream WARNING!

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