Post Vacation Mailbox Goodies

One of the nice things about coming home from vacation was a lot of goodies in the mail! Maybe even the only nice thing about coming home. I’m suffering some severe post vacation blues today and am not very motivated to do much of anything. But there were quite a lot of nice things waiting for me at home.

Check out what I got:

The pictures of the food grown with the seeds in this Baker Creek Seed Catalog are stunning. I thought I was all set with Seed Savers, but I might have to split up my order now!

My review copy of The Truly Alive Child arrived! I’m very excited to review and GIVE AWAY a copy of this book by Simon Paul Harrison. Watch for that in April.

A whole box full of goodies to share with my mom friends – from Style United and VocalPoint. Friends I know in real life – you’ve been warned… 🙂

A nice sized sample of Rose Hips Black Soap Face Wash. YUM!

And last but not least, Fish Oil from Nordic Naturals! Watch for a review and giveaway of this fabulous fish oil in early March!

Wahoo! Sometimes the mail can be so fun. Have you received anything good lately?

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  1. I haven't gotten any samples or freebies in the mail, but I got stuff I ordered. ;) I ordered some wool felt from that was on sale half off for a project for my kiddo. :) that's a LOT of Olay stuff!!!
    • I've never tried it before, but since I have BLOND, BLOND, BLOND non-existent eyelashes, mascara is the one type of make-up I cannot live without. I was glad to get some!
    • Amy, Fish Oil is a good source of Omega 3s. Many Americans have an unhealthy ratio of fatty acids and it messes up cholesterol. My husband in particular, has a horrible ratio of good to bad cholesterol and fish oil is one of the things that is supposed to help. I've been taking it for a long time now (it was recommended by my midwife when I was pregnant with baby #1). My husband just recently starting taking it. Other things we do to consume more Omega 3s: eat flaxseed, walnuts & pastured eggs, and use olive oil. You can read more here:

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