Preparing for Vacation

The kids and I are headed to my parents’ house in Missouri today. I’m excited because my sister and her family will be home from Seattle. We always have a nice time visiting with everyone.

I’m also excited because my father has a ginormous organic garden and it’s producing way more than mine is! Fresh corn, fresh zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, beans…I can’t wait! 🙂

Preparing our home for vacation is an important part of the trip. Here’s how we prepare our house:

1. Eat up the food in the fridge. Waste not, want not! That’s my dad’s motto. I resisted the urge to go to the grocery store this week. Instead, we went without milk and other goods as we tried to eat up the food that we already have in our fridge. I pitched anything that was left and might spoil so I won’t come home to a rotten mess.

2. Turn up the AC. We try to keep the AC set on 72 (or higher) in the summer. I’ll turn it up to 78 before we leave to save energy and money.

3. Unplug appliances. Did you know that appliances sap energy even with they’re not in use? I unplugged the coffee pot, toaster, computer, stereo, and TV. It also helps protect them in case of a severe thunderstorm.

4. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on our home. For obvious reasons, it’s always nice having someone watch out for us.

5. Put a hold on newspaper delivery and mail! I don’t like it to be obvious that my house is empty.

It’s just the kids and I going on this trip, but these are some green, frugal ways I try to prepare my home for vacation. What do you do before you go on vacation?


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  1. Can I add one thing to your list? Unless you are having a neighbor water your flowers or garden, turn off the main water line to the house. I once came home from a vacation to three feet of water in my basement!

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