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Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve #MemoryLane - digital pictures

How many digital pictures do you think you’ve taken over the years? If you’re like me, you’re probably snapping away all day long. I’m old school, so I remember taking pictures with film and the thrill of paying to pick those pictures up from developing and happily seeing the memories I was able to capture. I have to tell you, while I took a lot fewer pictures in those days, more of them ended up being displayed or put in albums for future reference. Dealing with my digital pictures is something I think I’ll get to “some day” and then never seem to get to at all. If something happens to my computers (and I have digital pictures stored on I don’t know how many different computers) all of my memories are pretty much lost.

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve #MemoryLane

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve

How do you access all of the photos you take in one easy spot? I take pictures with my Nikon and also my iPhone. My husband takes photos with his phone too and they all end up a mixed up, jumbled mess stored in a lot of different locations. Lyve helps manage all of those photos by  offering a lot of neat features, including a way to sync all the digital pictures you take – from all your different computers and tablets, to your phone. It’s really an awesome way to have at your finger tips all the photos you snap each day AND the ability to access those pictures whether you take them on your phone or your digital camera in one location.

I love finding old photos I took – especially of my kids. After I downloaded the Lyve app onto my phone and synced it up to my computer, I had a lovely time strolling down memory lane. Look at these lovely pictures I’ve captured of my kids over the years.

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve #Memory Lane

Lyve also just rolled a fun social sharing app called MIX that allows you to create an event so everyone there can share their pictures too! In addition to havin access to all the pictures people take an event, I think MIX would also be a great way to include family who, for whatever reason, isn’t able to attend a particular event. It would also be great for families who travel a lot to share what they’re doing with the people left behind. I’m excited to try Mix out very soon.

Preserving Digital Memories with Lyve #MemoryLane #ad

For now, I am busy syncing all my devices together take full advantage of Lyve. I’ve got my phone and laptop set up, but I still need to connect to my husband’s phone and all of our other computers as well. Next on my list is to get all of my millions of photos onto one storage device so I don’t lose everything when something goes wrong. Because I’m sure something is going to go wrong one of these days.



Chresta Says

Friday 22nd of May 2015

This looks like it could be a very convenient app. Of course, I will have to play with it some more to decide if I like it or not. I saw the photo of my deceased son, his shoes and the poem that I wrote to overlay it. His birthday was last month and as always, I was wishing I had my photos all in one place. Here is a link to that photo And thank you for this contest!

Cindi Br*

Friday 22nd of May 2015

I just downloaded over 1,000 pictures to my laptop from my phone last night. As I did so, I was crossing my fingers, hoping that nothing would get lost in the transfer and wondering what sort of storage device I should be using these days to keep these memories intact! Lyve looks like it fits the bill COMPLETELY. My husband and I share a photo stream on our iPhones, so this would be a perfect solution to hoarding all of our pictures on our phones until we run out of storage. The picture I chose from the photostream that went onto Lyve is a rainbow shot from our return back to Colorado last year. It felt like a beautiful new beginning at the time...and certainly seems to have been.


Friday 22nd of May 2015

OK, downloaded the app despite my hesitations about the privacy policy and not being quite sure how it all works. After all, I desperately need photo storage and organization! Have more than 83,000 photos on iPhoto now and definitely want it all backed up. I did scroll through and saw photos of Leo, our dog we had to put to sleep this month, as well as fun pictures of the kids at the harbor. I look forward to playing around with it.

Nicole Dziedzic

Sunday 17th of May 2015

I downloaded the app for my phone and desktop and a photo that sparks a great memory was when we went to Frankenmuth in Michigan and we got to take a ride on the Riverboat. I must say that I love this Lyve app! Love how it keeps you pictures organized by date. How cool is that! And they have photo editing!

NYC Tech Mommy

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

This seems like a great app! I take so many pictures. Keeping them all together can be tricky. I love apps that simplify tasks! I have to try Lyve. I would love to hear more about MIX once you begin using it. Seems like a cool app as well. Thanks for sharing these. I love learning about and using new apps :)

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