Price Matching List 10/12

There are some more great price-matching deals this week! Yesterday I stocked up on pork roast and bone-in chicken breast at Fareway. It looks like I’ll be getting more meat for my freezer this week! Yay!!

I highly recommend price-matching. I have gotten away from using a ton of coupons, but I still keep my grocery budget very low, primarily from price-matching and stocking up on items when they’re cheapest. My price-point list is here. When I find items I need at their lowest price, I buy enough to get me through to the next 12 week low on the grocery price cycle.

In Eastern Iowa, there two options for price-matching – Fareway and Walmart. In my expereince, Walmart is easier to deal with. Just make your list and tell the cashier at check-out. Most times, they don’t verify the price and you don’t even have to take in the ads, as they have them there. I have found when I have ads in hand, though, I get fewer questions.

Fareway is another great place to price match and I buy almost all of my chicken and pork there because I feel their meat is higher quality (fewer additives, no gas packing). Plus, they will cut and wrap the meat to whatever size I specify. They will not, though, price match produce to the Aldi ad. And they ALWAYS want me to have the ad in hand.

Without further ado, here are the best deals I see this week in Eastern Iowa:

Wholesale Food Outlet ~

  • Generic butter – 1.99 / lb (Fri & Sat only)

Aldi ~

  • Pineapples – .99 ea
  • Large pumpkins – 2.49 ea
  • Honeycrisp Apples – $1 / lb

Fareway ~

  • Eggs – .99 / dozen
  • Chicken Leg Quarters – 5.90 / 10 lb bag (I’m watching this as it will probably be down around $3.90 in a few weeks).
  • Pork Steaks – 1.49 / lb
  • There is also an in ad coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase! Make sure you clip that if you go to Fareway!!

Hy-Vee ~

  • Whole Chickens – .59 / lb Great price! I will buy a few of these at Fareway… (3 day sale – Thurs – Sat)
  • HyVee Milk – .99 / 1/2 gallon (Fareway will match this, but you must have the coupon from the HyVee ad)
  • Generic Flour – .99 / 5 lbs GREAT PRICE!
  • White Onions – .59 / lb

What good deals do you see in your area? Do you have a price-point list and do you price-match?

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  1. I haven't checked my ads for the new week, our deals start every Wednesday down here in South East Texas, but here are the deals I used for my shopping on Sunday! -Pork Chops $1.39 lb. -Whole Chicken/Chicken Pieces $.79 lb. -Smoked Sausage Links 14oz. 10/$10 -Sm. Pears 5/$1 -Cucumbers 3/$1 -Bell Peppers 3/$1 -Colored Bell Peppers 3/$1.50 -Roma Tomato- .77lb. -Green Cabbage .39lb -Ground Turkey $.99 lb. -Red Seedless Grapes $.99 lb. -Sharp Cheddar Cheese $4.99 2lb. -1 Gallon Organic Honey $27 (This is from a farm a few towns over and is the most flavorful honey I have EVER tasted!!) I should have my new ads in the mailbox... Better go check out this weeks deals!
    • Wow! $4.99 for 2 lb of cheddar cheese! That's AWESOME!! I realized that in Sept we ate 9 lbs of block cheddar cheese as a family. I just bought 12 lbs of raw honey for $35. I wasn't sure how much a gallon of honey weighs so I googled it...turns out one gallon weighs 12 lbs! ;-)
  2. So Walmart will price match their store brand to other generic still will their store policy? I was very confused when I read the policy & emailed them but was just referred back to the policy.
    • I have always price matched generic to generic at Walmart. I've never specifically asked them...I just do it! Now say one store has their generic eggs on sale for .99. I would never pick the most expensive organic eggs at Walmart and try to price match those for .99. I do think there's a line. :-) This is perhaps one of those YMMV gray areas, but I say give it a shot.

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