Price Matching List 7/20 – 7/26

I’m back in the saddle again. After taking most of last week off while visiting my family in Central Missouri, I’m home again and ready to rock-n-roll.

I’ve vacillated this month between wanting to participate in an Eat from the Pantry Challenge and the reality that my pantry is bare. I’m out of rice, almost out of beans, on the last dregs of my wheat stash…there’s no cheese in my freezer (and that’s rare), I’m almost out of butter again. These are all staples I can’t really live without! So, I decided instead of eating from the pantry in July, I will fill my pantry! Then, I’ll challenge you all to eat from the pantry with me in Aug! 🙂

So, here’s what interests me this week:

At HyVee ~

  • $1.59 / lb boneless, skinless chicken breast – this is the lowest price I have seen this ever. I can’t remember a cheaper price. I’m price-matching at Fareway because I prefer their chicken. And, I’m planning on buying about 15 lbs.
  • $2.50 / ea Athenos Feta – If you use the $1/1 here and the BOGO here, you can get .75 Feta cheese!! I LOVE feta – stocking up.
  • $1.28 – HyVee Sour Cream / 16 ounce
  • $.99 / lb Angjou Pears
  • $.97 / lb fresh Green Beans – I’m picking these in my garden!
  • $.69 / ea Hunts NO HFCS Ketchup

At Fareway ~

  • $.99 / lb Broccoli Crowns – still picking this from my garden too!
  • $.88 / ea Fresh Leaf Lettuce
  • $.88 / lb Roma Tomatoes – fresh in my garden!
  • $.49 / lb Yellow Onions
  • $.99 / lb Red Delicious Apples
  • $4.90 / 10 lbs Chicken Leg Quarters – I’ve seen these as low as $2.90 occasionally, and more often at $3.90, so I’m waiting but it’s a good price if you need cheap chicken.

At Aldi ~

  • $.29 / ea Peaches
  • $.29 / ea Nectarines
  • $.99 / lb Strawberries
  • $.49 / ea Mangoes! Great price! My kids love mangoes.
  • $1.89 / 8 count 100% Fruit Juice Boxes

I also want to hit Sam’s Club and buy huge bags of Jasmine Rice and Pinto Beans for my pantry, as well as honey and nuts. I have a ton of basil and am itching to make pesto sauce!

Do you see any good deals I missed?



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